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Eiji Aonuma Promises Surprises For Next Zelda Title

It’s going to be a tough job for Eiji Aonuma and the rest of The Legend of Zelda developers to top the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, that’s exactly what the team will set out to achieve with the next game in the long running franchise. Japanese publication Nikkei Trendy recently caught up with The Legend of Zelda mastermind and you can read snippets of the interview, below.

On overseas reactions and thoughts of the series in the future… 

“First of all I think the point that ‘this is a Zelda’ is big. It’s a series that has been continuing for a long time, if I am to put it in words then perhaps everyone would have thought it’s not that simple to do a ‘reform’.

Furthermore, that reform causes a ‘surprise’ to all our users who have played Zelda until now, since it exceeds their imaginations by a bit, and I think perhaps that’s why they, including the media, have welcomed it with the ‘zeal’.

It’s not an easy thing to be able to answer expectations of all our users, but through this game, I recognised again that the significance of continuing to create the series is right there, so in the future I’d like to repeat doing “great fusses*” and provide ‘surprises’ that exceed everyone’s expectations.”


60 thoughts on “Eiji Aonuma Promises Surprises For Next Zelda Title”

    1. I was so hoping for some Majora’s Mask-esque game. Would perfectly make sense as a normal Zelda game might just feel like a sequel to an Assassin’s Creed game. And I really would love to see a more abstract Zelda game once again on a home console.

  1. I never doubt Grand Designer Aonuma in this regard. The next Zelda will be beyond incredible, wether it’s takes the form of Breath of the Wild or a completely new one.

    However I believe it is time to give Metroid the same treatment now, we have waited a long time to see the day of its glorious return…

    1. It is for HIgh Command to dictate when the bird female hybrid will return to our solar system. Rest assured, when she does, all of The Order will rejoice in her coming.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||And then finally, once the Xbots are destroyed, I will destroy her…||

      2. Of course Starbeing, I was in no sense implying that this is not, or that it should not be in the hands of High Command Nintendo…

        But the Commander and the bounty hunter in question, are not on peaceful terms, so I’d choose my words so that the Commander doesn’t question you.

        However yes, a new Metroid game in our arsenal is definitely inevitable, and it will be used potently to the First Order’s gains.

        1. The Commander wouldn’t question my loyalty. Who wouldn’t rejoice at the chance to destroy an old foe? Besides, I know my place. I’m only a step p from the Cattle! Moo!

    2. I absolutely doubt Aonuma in this regard. BOTW was so excellent in major part because it went in the opposite direction of where Aonuma’s been taking the series since his inclusion. The less involvement he specifically has with the series, the better.

  2. They had extra time, i am sure DLC is finished or almost done.

    Thanks Aonuma and team for this amazing game, i have had hours of joy, and you restored faith on many doubters.

    1. But seriously, Breath of the Wild is better than what it had to be to be an excellent game.
      Create a prequel to Breath of the wild, 10 000 years earlier, Let see that version of the same hyrule, where the world in not yet a pile of rubble. that would be cool and maybe they can bind that game more to the timeline of the zelda titles :)

  3. So much room to grow the series, I am confident we will get another great game. I have ideas, but I don’t work at Nintendo so I’ll just lie in wait

  4. Oh it can be topped. One way to do it off the top of my head is not doing sucky dungeons like the Divine Beasts and giving us proper ones. Same goes for the dungeon bosses. You know there’s a a problem when a “miniboss” in the overworld gives a better fight than a dungeon boss.

    Oh, and climbing in the rain. That would eliminate my two major gripes and bring the game closer to actual perfection. This one’s not really a gripe but I’d like to have a better system of taming wild animals. Riding Bear and Deer for a bit is cool, but getting to keep them would be cooler. Also hunting with a pack of Wolves. That would be awesome.

      1. Story isn’t too bad as I get further, I was just thinking how the game is “still a game” in the sense that things are placed in such a way and the story is a vehicle for the gameplay, not the other way around… I don’t know.

        A better story would be cool, there is a lot of places to go and room to grow

    1. wouldn’t mind at least a bit more durability on the weapons. I found myself avoiding a lot of battles because I didn’t want to waste my weapons.

      1. That problem sort of fixes itself as you get farther in the game and more powerful enemies and weapons start appearing. Also once you have the Master Sword. I find I’m tossing stuff away more often than I’m breaking stuff and I have all of my inventory fully upgraded too.

  5. I want a Zelda game much like Breath Of The Wild. But one where we can FINALLY play as Princess Zelda throughout the game. Maybe be able to play as both Link AND Zelda. After all, Princess Zelda’s name is in the title of every game. Give her a playable role.

  6. I love BOTW obvs… But for the next game just for the sake try and go serious, like the WiiU tech demo of it, darker and realistic visual style, not to open air but more things to do and the story that goes on for a long time, and enimes that are hard and bosses that are tough as hell …

    1. Sounds like you want a BotW / Dark Souls mashup. It would be fun for sure. I’d like a spiritual successor to MMask using the BotW engine and environment personally. Collecting masks, becoming beasts of the wild, like a Bear, or a deer, or a wolf, or even smaller animals to get into smaller areas.

      The possibilities are endless. I’ve been playing Dark Souls 3, Doom, Dead Space trilogy – So I’m on board with this darker version! :]

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  8. If they want to re-utilize some assets and do it by 2019 it would be better. No need to reinvent the wheel. But if they want it ok, I’m open to everything.

  9. If they can expand upon the idea of botw, then the next game should be just as amazing if not better than botw.

  10. Give me something like the e3 WiiU tech demo running on Unreal Engine 4.

    I’d also be ok with an updated port if the 3ds remakes in a combo pack to fill in the waiting time.

  11. What, MORE one-shot deaths, breakable weapons, and Witcher/Skyrim gameplay? Or an actual Zelda game on par with OOT, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword?

    1. Yeah, I’d prefer the next one to be an actual Zelda game too. I’d love them to keep the continuous map, but bring back all the Zeldaness BotW lacks – more dungeons, proper dungeons, gear based progression etc.

    2. This game is way too highly praised imo. Everyone seems to overlook stuff like the fact the combat system is literally the weakest of any 3D Zelda. They used wind weaker and twilight to practice for this, yet didn’t include the battle systems and moves you could learn in those games? Fighting is soooo bland in botw. Literally just press “Y” repeatedly. Hack-n-slash doesn’t work for Zelda. Also climbing mountains gets ooooold when they all look the same and have nothing but maybe a korok seed on them. So much space with not much to do in it. But it’s open world so everyone thinks it’s the best thing ever.

      1. it is pretty awesome, so I disagree to a point, but I do agree they have to add more depth to the gameplay and the world… And yeah, the fighting system could use an overhaul or at least the ability to learn more moves. Sometimes it is just bomb arrow city and I am on my merry way

        1. Bomb arrow city lol. But yea the fighting is way too boring for me, I haven’t played in weeks actually and it’s the first time I’ve ever played a zelda and not wanted to play and complete it.I only have nine shrines left but meh no rush.

  12. Mr. Aonuma, thank you for Breath of the Wild. It took me about 430 hours to 100%.
    We are looking forward to the next game, based on the design and mechanics of Breath. Personally I would love to have a more alive Hyrule (I mean not destroyed) with more emphasis on towns and villages. And if you include the discarded idea of minish-people it will be amazing!!!

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  14. It will be hard to top, but if they can do more character development, that would be great. BoTW was great, but they really did not develop the big characters well enough. After beating Ruta, I was disappointed to see that Mipha is not coming back, but more disappointed that we do not know what really happened between Link and Her.

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  16. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.}

    A fusion of Breath of the Wild & post Link to the Past would be a great way to outdo Breath of the Wild. Here are some things they can improve on.

    The combat, as another pointed out, is quite lacking & is mostly just hack n slash, and not the good kind of hack n slash that the Warriors/Musou series does where you can actually do combos by pressing more than one little button.

    More story & character development would be most welcome, too, but I understand this is not always Nintendo’s strong point. Anyway, Witcher 3 had a pretty big open world but it managed to do great stories for both the main & side quests & gave some good character development for some characters, if not all of them.

    The fact you can only have one food effect boost at a time was a weak point for me so the ability to use more than one at a time would be great. 3 at a time would be too much, though, so 2 at a time is a good balance.

    Better main story dungeons if there is only gonna be a small amount of them in a big ass open world. The shortness of these dungeons wouldn’t have been so bad if there were actually more than just 4. Compared to Majora’s Mask 4 awesome dungeons, Breath of the Wild’s were terrible. I do applaud being able to change the layout of the dungeon using the map, though. But sadly, that’s the only thing these dungeons had going for them since there was a huge lack of enemies to fight & the dungeons were mostly just giant puzzles. I think they may have spent way too much time on the shrines.

    More mini dungeons. It’s a damn shame to be running around the world & going to these huge ass mountains only to find a little Korok Seed. Where are the cave systems at!? This is one thing Witcher 3 did way better.

    Tabs for the fucking inventory! I spend most of my time on the inventory screen scrolling to the damn armor section! Witcher 3 did this & it made going through your inventory fun & quick as you didn’t have to scroll through dozens of pages to get to the section you wanted to be at. Of course, this is an issue they can easily fix with BotW by way of patches that add tabs to the inventory screen. If CD Projekt RED can do minor, but very useful changes, like these for Witcher 3 months, or even a year later, so can Nintendo.

    While I don’t have a problem with the durability in the game, I do have a huge problem with the lack of being able to repair a weapon you really like before it breaks. Once again, this is something great they could have taken from the Witcher 3 where you could actually take your weapons & armor to a blacksmith or armorsmith to have them repaired before they break & are lost forever.

    The 100 limit for putting icons on your map is fucking ludicrous! I hate Nintendo’s obvious love for horrible limits! It’s one of the reasons Miiverse went to shit 2 years ago! If you mark every single giant mini-boss on your map, you only get left with 16. That’s not enough to mark every chest, weapon location, ore deposit, cooking pot, & Lynel location on the map at all. If they were gonna so horribly limit how many things we can mark on our damn map, they should have had it to where the map does it for us when we find something important.

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