Harvest Moon: Skytree Village Limited Edition Available To Pre-Order On Nintendo UK Store

The Harvest Moon: Skytree Village Limited Edition bundle is now available to pre-order on the Nintendo UK store.

The bundle includes various collectable items including a soundtrack CD and art book. Here’s the full list of what you will get:

  • Harvest Moon: Skytree Village for the Nintendo 3DS
  • Art Book
  • Original Soundtrack CD
  • 6-Lapel Pin Set
  • Blue Feather Keychain
  • Collector’s Box


The Limited Edition set is available to pre-order for £44.99 with an expected release date of 2nd June, 2017. You can order here.



      1. }{ Actually, Stardew Valley’s roots come from Story of Seasons, who’s previous titles were named Harvest Moon… These new titles are not Story of Seasons games, but rather cash grabs by the owner of the Harvest Moon name… }{

    1. I always thought story of seasons and harvest moon were one in the same thing. But either way Stardew Valley is hands down the superior experience. At least from what I’ve played of these games.

  1. I’ve never played any of these games. I’ve been long interested in them, but with all the clones, I’ve never been sure which series or game to start with.

    1. star dew valley is a great place to start especially since its on pc,ps4,or xbox one

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