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The Nintendo Switch Version Of RiME Is “Still Being Optimized”

A release date for the Nintendo Switch version of RiME has yet to be announced. That’s because the upcoming game is “still being optimized” for Nintendo’s latest console. However, according to developer Tequila Works, it is still on track to launch later this year. RiME will first be made available on May 26 via other platforms. The game consists of a puzzle adventure in which players are asked to discover a mysterious island at their own pace. You can interact with wildlife, search for hidden items, uncover secrets and solve puzzles along the way.



  1. This sounds familiar… wasn’t there a big name studio that did this delay thing for a Nintendo console and their game didn’t sell because of it? Best hope these guys don’t repeat their mistake and keep their project on Watch, Dogs.

    1. I can forgive an small indie studio.
      But I’d expect some consistency from big publisher like ubisoft.
      You don’t first delay a done game for a half a year, and tell people that “we always release simultaneously”, and the next year do the exact opposite.

    1. Indeed, but reviews are gonna tell the whole story. It really looks like it could really fire backwards. But then again, the footage looks very interesting, so we will see. But I would absolutely not preorder this game :)

  2. This is why I don’t like getting alot of indie or AAA games from third parties, too much delay and gota wait for ages and still pay full price for a watered down late version :( … maybe when it comes out if it’s under £10 but anymore and nope.

  3. I am suspicious of this weapon developer since they overpriced their weapon initially, and are unproven on our system. With all the talk of “drag-and-drop” porting for the Switch, I’m exceedingly suspicious that they couldn’t release the game simultaneously. Perhaps The Commander can whip them into shape.

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