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State Of Mind Producer: “Nintendo Switch Is Not Under-Powered”

The producer for State Of Mind, Kai Fiebig, recently sat down with AdventureCorner where had a few things to say about the Nintendo Switch. According to Fiebig, the porting of the PC to the Switch version is similar to that of the PS4 and the Xbox One. Interestingly, he also made a point of stating that Nintendo Switch is not under-powered. He also confirmed a simultaneous release of all versions in 2017.

Much like many before him, people in the game development industry are continuously saying that the Nintendo Switch doesn’t pose the same porting issues as previously experienced with the Wii U. Having similar processes of porting to that of Xbox One and PS4 can only be beneficial for the library of Switch games to grow.

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30 thoughts on “State Of Mind Producer: “Nintendo Switch Is Not Under-Powered””

  1. Now HERE’S a prime example of a development studio who understands about Nintendo’s hybrid platform. State of Mind for the Nintendo Switch would be a great addition to the library.

    1. When I see Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Switch, or GTA 5, or even something close to a Noih like experience on the Switch, I’ll say it’s strong/weak or not. Not saying give me the exact same games, I’m saying show me some good games that play as good as these games, and these games that have good visual​s like them.

        1. I am a Zelda fan completely. I have mostly all of them, and I just generally love puzzles like the game. But no way am I going to put Breath of the Wild and Kingdom 3 in the same category. Kingdom hearts 2 was just epic, and part 3 is going to be just as better.

    1. Two can play this game Thanos.

      The Switch is 10x better than a PC. I just booted up where in the world is carmen sandiego on my old 386 and the Switch looks WAY better.

    2. My Atari 2600 is weak but it is so fun to play. I miss my colecovision. It was a little stronger. Then my intellivision got stolen and I think it was even stronger. What was I replying to?

  2. The only reason people put emphasis on power is because of that stupid interview Reggie had with Geoff 6 years ago. Reggie should just have shut his face.

    He has screwed up by letting the blind sheep reading these websites seriously think EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Rockstar etc: CAN’T bring games to their systems when in reality they CHOOSE NOT to bring games to their systems because Nintendo don’t appeal to their biggest target audience.

    At least make the cop-out excuses more believable like their online genuinely being an issue.

    1. People put emphasis on power well before Reggie had anything to do with nintendo. Back in the NES days, PC gamers were ragging on the NES for being under powered just the same as they do today.

      1. I am old enough to remember the bit wars and I realise there will always be a group that places emphasis on power. But the reason it became such a bullet towards Nintendo is because they genuinely believe what Reggie said.

        In a parallel world where Reggie gave a different reason for not getting games like Battlefield they would be covering that. The media puts too much stock in third parties and less on what really matters. The exclusives.

  3. I never heard of this game…. Is it a indie? If not I may get it on the switch.

    (I have no interest in Indies since its really all the switch has, so if this game is, I’ll skip it.)

    1. If I understand you correctly, if Rockstar bought their freedom from take two or rocksteady from warner bros or retro from Nintendo, you would not buy their next game because they would be an Indie developer.

  4. Well another 3rd party developer along with Bethesda is saying that the Switch is not only easy to develop for but that it’s also not underpowered…..hmm isn’t that ironic? I’m gonna support State Of Mind and I’m hoping for a physical release. It was already looking interesting to me but now since it appears that this developer is putting the same kind of TLC (tender love and care) into it as they’re doing with the other console versions I’m gonna give it a shot

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  6. T̵̗̹͔̝̲h̳̦͍̝̬̞͜e͘ ̬̯͕͎̞͍̣p̰͡o̹̬͇̮ẃ̗͇̟̠͍er͕ ͓͕̲͜o͍͖͔̮̻̖̭͞f̡ ͉̼̜͓̙͢t̵͈̺̖̦̙h̞̲̤̳̦̱͢e̖̺̰͍͍̤͘ ͍N̢̠͉i̩̝̫ͅnt̳e̕n̳̱͉̣̞̜ͅd̼o͏̮̩͍̠̰ ͍͉S҉̯̖̳͉w̢̹i̠͍͓͖̙̣͡t̜̖̫̘c̵h͈̦̣͔̭̜̼̀ ̻̭͍͓̗̰͇C̻̟̻̹͙̣A̠̞͘N͈̳͚Ņ̰O̜͎̞T̸ ͙̝̗̫̕b̹̲͖̟̙̳e̻̰̖̻ ̧̯͕̜̳̖̞d͢ȩ̹̬͙͕͈n̴̟͔͇͕͎͓͔i̵̗̠̼̭e͢d͘

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