Nintendo Switch

Here’s A Possible Image Leak From Mario X Rabbids

One game that we know is in development for the Nintendo Switch but has yet be formally announced by Ubisoft and Nintendo is Mario X Rabbids. An image has popped up online purporting to be from the game which is likely to make its debut at E3 next month in Los Angeles. We shall know for sure if it is legitimate in just a few weeks time.



Update: Updated with key-art work in image header.

Thanks, N-Dub Nation and Maxim



  1. This has gone too far.

    If only I didn’t share this pic and left it alone on Discord where it belongs. And I’m not even the source, yet people are calling me that because they don’t go on Discord.


      1. You’re just like a rabbid too. A much fatter, disgusting rabbid that likes feet.


      1. Yes, I am.,c_limit/dawsojmn-crying.gif


      1. Have you SEEN yourself in the mirror. Just like this game….nobody asked for it. Hahahahahahahahaaa


      1. If you need help to answer trolling people who trolls all the day and they have no life . You can just call The Hammer of justice in Gaming


    1. If you don’t like the console then why are you here Repling on My Nintendo News where here we talk about Nintendo games?


  2. I really don’t get the whole :This is not what we asked for” complaints.

    The reality is nintendo doesn’t have to ask you what games you want. If they wanna make a game like this,let them. It’s not going to hurt anything like you guys claim.

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      1. It’s just a matter of limited time and resources. They only have so many developers, and games take time to make.


      2. Sometimes, Nintendo makes games that their fans don’t directly ask for, because it allows them to experiment and churn out new and creative ideas. This is a new and creative idea. Just because people may not like the Rabbids franchise, doesn’t mean that this particular game will be bad.


      3. That’s fine, but it’s not a good business model. Ignoring your customers, as a rule of thumb, is a bad idea.

        That said, Nintendo seems to have rediculous luck, and thrives on one-hit-wonders. Zelda being the most recent one. Big enough to sell the switch and propel them back into favor.

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    1. ||If this weapon is indeed real, then I don’t see a real problem mainly because of 2 factors, one it’s clearly made mostly by the Ubisians and second, it’s not an important weapon, it’s a third class type of support only and nothing to concern ourselves with…||


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