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New Details About Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Arriving On The Switch

Following on from the possible image leak of Mario X Rabbids, comes some more details from Nintendo World Report. Whilst the game hasn’t been officially announced, this information has provided more solid proof that the title will be arriving to the Nintendo Switch soon.

NWR describes the game as being presented as an RPG that mixes exploration and turn-based combat. Here’s what we know so far:

  • The exploration is estimated at 35% of the game with combat making up 65%.
  • Each of the four worlds are “twisted” Mario worlds filled with Easter eggs.
  • The combat includes weapons, with Mario and the team being able to use guns.
  • The characters that can be used are: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Rabbids dressed up as them.
  • There will be the ability to local co-op with another player.
  • The game is estimated to be around 20 hours long.

It appears that Ubisoft will be publishing the title, in particular Ubisoft Paris and Ubisoft Milan which have both previously worked on previous iterations in the Rabbid series.

Nintendo World Report has also posted some additional images from one of their sources which you can find in the gallery below.


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  1. if it’s 20 hours long, then it’s not a full-fledged rpg. probably just a simple eshop game.

      1. FFIX = 40 hours
        FFXIII = 50 hours
        FFVI = 35 hours
        Thousand Year Door = 30 hours
        Super Mario RPG = 18 hours
        FFIII = 30 hours
        Persona 5 = 90 hours

        20 hours is short for an RPG.

    1. How does the amount of hours in a game equate to a game not being a full rpg. I didn’t know there’s a threshold for game length that determines if a game is to be considered a full RPG.

      1. You’re probably right, hence them being “leaked”. They wouldn’t usually publicly release documents that are so vague with the timeline and whatnot as official documents.

      2. My thinking too. They don’t look like they will be in the game. I don’t think Nintendo would want to put a mark like this on Marios name as parents know they can trust Mario games. Like you said, probably just some internal Ubisoft thing.

      1. The cover art looks legit, but the additional images just seem off to me. Plus, I don’t think Nintendo has ever used the word “badass” to describe Princess Peach. (Ubisoft would be making the game so I mean I guess it’s not that surprising.)

        There’s also the fact that ever since that Rayman in Smash Bros leak I’ve taken every leak since with a grain of salt lol.

    1. The images except the cover art aren’t supposed to be real. They are images made up by the leakers to summarize what the game is about. Certainly Nintendo wouldn’t use percentage to measure how much content there is in the game, they never and will never do that

      1. Also they wouldn’t use smth like a game ID as an official image for what the game is about. The percentage thing and “over 20 hours of gameplay” are just disgustingly horrible ways for advertising games

      2. Those unprofessional statements were the biggest thing that made me skeptical. If they were made by leakers to give information then this leak is a lot more trustworthy in my books. Thanks for clearing that up.

          1. Yeah? Well your “jokes” ain’t funny. Not to mention, your record is against you, Mr. “shut up” and Senor “I’m gonna kick your ass.”

            Karma will catch up with you.

    1. Same here. I like the idea of local co-op. Probably why its 20 hours cuz longer than that might overstay it’s welcome when more than one person is involved. I’m fine with that. Gimme good, colorful graphics, a silly story and turn-based combat like the Paper Mario or Mario and Luigi series where there’s more to do than to pick “attack” from a menu.

  2. I did worked at Ubisoft Milan and know there are passionate designers over there. Also Ancel in Paris is good too. I would not be so fast on judging this. I don’t like the rabbids, but they can do a solid game if they want. Let’s wait and judge after.

        1. ||Indie weapon, the lowest possible you can come to the limit of worthless…||

  3. I’ll have to see some gameplay footage before I make a decision on it. Judging by the quality of previous Rabbids titles though I can’t see it being worth a purchase. The use of the word “badass” seems a bit odd, especially with Nintendo being so kid friendly it’s almost sickening at times. And a 20 hour RPG seems a bit short. RPGs usually eat your time up like it’s nothing. I spent well over 120 hours on the last one I played. Seems rather short for an RPG title to me.

    1. If you search on internet you’ll find a guy who finish FF 15 in just 10 hours without any glitch trick or bug ecc.

      20 Hours is for who doesn’t care about optional missions or just go ahead and let me finish the game in 1 day.

  4. Right now I”m inclined to believe it’s fake. Nintendo wouldn’t let some things fly. even with Ubi working on it nintendo would say no to “badass”. The only 2 to get different poses in the marketing are mario and rabbid mario the rest are all copy and paste or mirrored poses. Not saying it’s 100% fake just saying until it’s officially announced I”m 100% skeptical. Also spelling is off. Also the timeline photo is just completely off. And I doubt a new game would be announced and released 2 months later.

  5. Unrelated but Reggie did once say he was about “kicking ass and taking names..” So ass and Nintendo have co existed in the public realm before…

    Ok I’ll admit I have no idea what I’m trying to say here…😅

    On a related note, at first you read this and it sounds like it can be an Overwatch type game but then you read RPG and I’m lost as to what type of game it could be… Still in not completely going to write this off just yet because for Nintendo to let Ubisoft borrow Mario , it can’t be completely junk can it? I mean Nintendo has to be over seeing this to make sure Ubisoft won’t tarnish the Mario image right?

      1. Your low-key jests of the Commander (which are barely overlooked, for now) aside; I don’t believe that he himself has outright stated that the game will not be enjoyable.

        That the Rabbids are an utter annoyance however, is a different topic…
        In that regard, the Commander is by all means correct.

  6. It looks too crazy to not be fun. I guess we’ll see. Looks somewhat reminiscent of 3D World visual/style in that one screenshot. I can see it working with various weapons.

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