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Here’s The Launch Trailer For Disgaea 5 Complete On Nintendo Switch

NIS America has unveiled a new trailer to celebrate the launch of Disgaea 5 Complete, which is out now on Nintendo Switch as a physical and digital release in both North America and Europe. The strategy role-playing title promises hundreds of hours of gameplay and marks the first time the fifth core entry in the series is available on-the-go. In the game, players lead a young demon named Killia and his army of rebels on their path to vengeance.

11 thoughts on “Here’s The Launch Trailer For Disgaea 5 Complete On Nintendo Switch”

      1. From what I saw many said that played the game, it features…
        100s of hours of content.

        Knowing Disgaea, this game is chock full of customization and
        all kinds of stuff! (You can lvl chars up to 9999 for example).

        I played through Disgaea DS a long time ago (remake of the first disgaea) and been
        wanting to play the newer ones since then, now will be my chance when I eventually
        get this game after I get myself a switch!

    1. I’ve been looking for a good rpg to start. Still haven’t tried persona five yet, mainly because it’s not on the Switch. Guess this will have to do.

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