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Nintendo’s Share Price Has Surpassed Pokémon GO Peak And Now Highest In Years

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Share prices in Nintendo have risen dramatically today and have even surpassed the Pokémon GO peak they achieved last summer. The Kyoto-based company’s share price has hit ¥31,880 which is the highest it has been in more than 5 years. There’s no obvious reason why the share price has risen today, but no doubt strong sales of the Nintendo Switch and the array of mobile titles the company has in the works have contributed towards this.


38 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Share Price Has Surpassed Pokémon GO Peak And Now Highest In Years”

  1. P2. No obvious reason? The price has been steadily rising since the beginning of March. It’s been green every day for over a week. It’s clearly due to the Switch.

      1. Lol I probably shouldn’t expect so much from a gaming site. Their job is to report on news after the fact, not analyze stocks on a daily basis. It’s a little different though when you watch the change in real time and hear what investors are saying every day.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

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      1. No company under stocks on purpose. If you have never had a manufacturer job then you wouldn’t understand. Nintendo rely on the manufacturer and it depends on how many lines are dedicated to making switch. It is not as simple as people think to produce more units.

      2. of course companies do. Whats a better headline than “X is sold out” people love the thing that they cant have. companies do this all the time. this situation goes down 2 roads. A) nintendo is understocking the switch on purpose to drum up buzz and hype. B) nintendo a +100 year old company has never heard of the concept of supply and demand( there was tangible metric data on the amount of people who wanted a switch way before release) and is ran by idiots.

      3. It doesn’t work that way. In no board meeting, to create buzz we need to not stock our products. That makes no sense. You can only manufacture so much at a time. You contract the manufacturer to make X amount. They can try to get more lines but if the manufacturer is already full they can only produce what they produce. You can try to get another manufacturer to help but that would take time too. I’ve worked in manufacturing for 2 jobs I’ve had. One making clothing and other making parts. It was nonstop until a contract ran out.

      4. I don’t think Nintendo is run by morons, I think people who believe that going out of your way to make LESS money to create an artificial buzz is a practical and frequently employed business strategy are morons.

        I guess Ninty was just stupid with the Wii U launch huh? All they needed to do was underproduce and then BAM, the product’s a success! Too bad they didn’t know about this supposedly obvious marketing technique for their first century+ in business and only just NOW with the Switch are using it for the first time. This makes complete sense.

  2. Congratulations to Nintendo. If they keep up the good work and keep up with shipping out Switches globally and try and get that third-party support that they need it. Maybe just maybe they can maybe walk away in 2017 as the victors

    1. Sell before e3 and buy after e3. Sell before news and buy after news. Most do it the opposite way than what I listed. Maximize your money.

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  5. well it seems the switch going to be successful and giving the recent announcements from different studios, the library will be on pair with the PS4 pro and xbox one S. Do we have an estimation as to how many unit were sold?

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