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Capcom Says Switch Support Could Be Determined By Sales Of Ultra Street Fighter 2

Update: The original translation was slightly misinterpreted on NeoGAF. Here’s an updated translation:Β As Capcom, we aim to bring games to all platforms, and continue our research.Β As for the Switch, in May we will release USF2 and we will plan our support while looking at the situation [of the platform].

Capcom has mentioned in a recent interviewΒ that the company’s Nintendo Switch support could be dependant on sales of the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter 2. The company says it will ultimately decide how to support the system based on the port which is due for release this Friday. Here’s whatΒ the CEO of Capcom had to say:

In regards to Switch, Capcom will think of how to support the Switch while looking at how Street Fighter 2 does on the system in May.

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88 thoughts on “Capcom Says Switch Support Could Be Determined By Sales Of Ultra Street Fighter 2”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Yes be dependent on an old weapon with a few new twitches, Capconian imbeciles…||

      1. That’s not really what he was saying. It says they trying to figure out how to support the switch and will look at SF II as more of an example of what type of games to support switch with. Headline doesn’t match the outlined source. If SF II underwhelms then they will support the console a different way.

        1. Proabably but for what I see, some company changed their mind when they see the money coming. One example is Activision, and now Capcom want to see their SF on the Switch will sell well. Ok this is normal but the other hand let me think, if SF don’t sell well then we don’t see any other games like Megaman or Monster Hunter.

          1. People worry too much with video games. Just let things happen. I play what comes out. It doesn’t matter what I want but what they are making.

              1. That’s a little too much. Let companies do what they plan or want to do. People hang onto every word and make the interpretation that they want to see. Enjoy the video games that are now. We can’t expect every series or certain support to go on forever. It can become a point when third parties feel they not making money on a Sony or Microsoft platform and people start begging for games like people have been doing. Companies have a plan (whether good or not).

      2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Their fear is delusional, especially since our people proved several times now that Monster Hunter sells…||

        ||Well on the dark side, more infidels to annihilate…||

    1. Capcom made a dick move selling an old game with a crappy motion control mini game for 40 dollars. And they made an even bigger move threatening us Switch owners that they won’t be supporting the Switch if we don’t buy it and support their overpriced two-decade old game. I love the other Street Fighters and their other games, but this is just gosh darn ridiculous for them to do that

    2. I would agree it’s stupid if I thought it were an honest answer. I don’t. High budget project companies support closed platforms with the highest probability of not losing money on a release. Regardless of how SF2 does, this won’t tell them that since A) It’s a new version of an old game and B) the Switch customer base right now is nothing like what it will be for the majority of its lifespan.

      Since these are true, I’m wagering this is a BS response for pr because the answer “we haven’t thought about it that much” wouldn’t go over very well.

      On the bright side, Capcom isn’t half as relevant of a dev as they were 15 years ago, or even 5 years ago.

    1. Are they? I’m not so sure they are. Resident Evil 7 was ok, but Revelations 2 was a joke. What they did with Street Fighter V almost ruined the franchise. I still believe SFV is the lowest selling game in the franchise. The people in charge over at Capcom are not that bright. Creatively or business wise. If it wasn’t for MH they wouldn’t really have any negotiating leverage at all. Hell why would Nintendo give a rats ass if the Switch gets another her mediocre Resident Evil game.

      1. Really you thought Revelations 2 was a joke? I thought it was at least okay. 7 I havent played before. Really wish they would go back to the golden era from 0-4 CV .

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||You can change your word to Xbot and it will amusingly be accepted…||

  2. … which roughly translates as ‘let’s see whether Switch gamers are willing to pay $40 for a 25 year old game that we’ve actually made WORSE’. Smooth.

      1. Well apparently th there are black borders, even on the HD upgraded view. I was being a bit facetious to be honest when I made that question. More like this iteration doesn’t really add anything good. The motion control bits are apparently pointless.

    1. 40 dollars! Are you shitting me? You must be literally taking a shit on my face right now. No way I’d pay 40 dollars for a SNES I already own.

  3. What a douchebag! Unfortunately, although, it’s not the first time we hear this kind of statement. Nintendo themselves said the same thing about Chibi Robo and Star Fox — someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. Star Fox I don’t think Nintendo will leave him in the trash for another 20 years.

      Mister Miyamoto said that he want to spend more time on this series and also he want’s Starfox to be more popular. So maybe we will see a porting of StarFox Zero to the Switch (I hope so).

      For Chibi Robo I don’t know. I don’t like that game so I don’t know what to say.

    2. Don’t really think those are comparable.
      There is no use in making a certain type of games or movies of a character that simply won’t sell.
      While Capcom here is extorting with their whole spectrum of games that are not mostly 25 year old fighting games for 40$, with improvements that barely justify the price tag.

      I’m still buying the game because it is quick portable fun, but Capcom is simply being dickish here.

    1. The only fighting game I love is SF. But if they see not a good sales for the game we probably never see Megaman or Monster Hunter appear on the Switch.

    1. Porting seems solid enough, you have to actually try if you want to fuck up a masterpiece.
      But the mini-game seems tacky.

      1. “Start fresh”? As in develop a whole new SF title from the ground up? That’d probably piss Sony off, since a new SF title would essentially be SF VI. They also probably don’t have the resources for that since they’re still supporting SFV with new characters/stages/costumes/updates.

        Honestly I think a port of an old SF games is fine, especially given how new the Switch is. I just wish it wasn’t this game at such an absurd price.

  4. Ok so it depends on a classic retro full price title to get real games? I want DMC, Resident Evil and more from Capcom on Switch. But I don’t back a game I don’t like for that reason. And scores are really down for this one too. So R.I.P, Capcom.

  5. This is a fantastic game, but I still have the original on my SNES and I can’t justify paying $40 for a fighting game that’s over 20 years old. That’s only my opinion of course, but I feel that the price point they chose is not ideal for maximizing profit for this title.

  6. Really? Use a port of a remake of a 20+ year old game to base your future plans on the Switch? This is so typical, Nintendo makes a new system and companies half-ass a release then expect them to sell. At least most of the time they port over something released within the last five years (like Arkham City on the Wii U), Capcom’s porting an 8 year old remake. I mean, if you’re going to pull BS like this at least give us Disney Capcom Classics Collection. There’s been no legitimate way to play most of those games since the NES days.

    I wish Capcom had given us Street Fighter Alpha 3. The Alpha series never got the special treatment that 3rd Strike and Super SF II Turbo received. The Saturn/Dreamcast versions had Dramatic Battle (basically the same thing as Buddy Battle), a ton of different modes, and the fantastic World Tour mode. Port that over, throw in GGPO-powered online play and I’d be happy. And yeah it’s another “port of an old game” but it’s one that never had online play.

  7. Yes.
    port of 25 years old game for 40$ is a good indicator how well latest games of your respective franchises would do on the system.

    This “testing waters” mentality worked wonders on Wii U.

    1. I was thinking the same thing! This and releasing games late on the system are a death knell for sales. This is just like the rumor of L.A. Noire coming to Switch. The game is like 6 years old and wasn’t a huge success back then. By this point, anybody who wanted to play it has played it so why would that be the best judge of someone’s interest in a developer’s games?

      Skyrim is a little different of a situation because it was hugely popular but it’s still an old game by this point and I’m sure people are anticipating the next Elder Scrolls game.

      This why I’m not as convinced as some about the Switch’s long-term third party support. We will see though.

  8. That statement is utter bullsh*t!
    The last mega successful SF on a handheld was Super SF4 on the 3DS. To this day that jem is a cult classic.

    So exactly why do you need to base “how well Ultra SF” sells. Because IT’S GONNA SELL THROUGH THE ROOF. & after that happens what excuse are you gonna give for not supporting the SWITCH? You should’ve turned down what sony offered you in cash for the ever boring SF5. & made it multi platform. Lol

  9. I pre-ordered, but mostly because I was worried that they’d use an over-priced and half-asset anniversary additikn of a 30 year old game to judge the market.

    Maybe try, you know, a somewhat modern release with positive reviews as a gauge for actual interest in the system.

  10. Farewell Capcom.
    (stupid way of thinking to base future support on a mediocre game, already dead on most reviews, but I think we will see a Monster Hunter, definitely)

  11. They’ve got a nerve saying that. I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t for the fact they’re going to release a shitty old game nobody cares about anymore.

    I think if they keep going like this they’ll be heading down the same road as Konami.

    How about releasing oh I don’t know NEW games perhaps? or more modern ones at least? seriously who gives a damn about Street Fighter 2 at this point? not many people I don’t think. I loved it back in the day but that was then and this is now.

  12. looks like capcom support will probably be nonexistent on switch. unless those clowns are lying so people would waste 40 dollars on this decade’s old game. retards should have released sfv for the switch for 40, not sf2.

  13. It’s such a niche title though. Only people who play early 90s fighting games will care.
    As a 23 yr old whose first fighting game experience was on PS1 I’ve never cared for old sprite based fighters, nor does my 25 yr old brother. And I have actually played sf2 on a super famicom once, it was awful and clearly hasn’t aged well like mega man x which I got into around the same time.

  14. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. “If you don’t buy this VERY late port (with 2 “new” characters) of an old SNES game redone in HD for $40, you won’t be getting any of our other games.” Seriously? GIve me a break.

  15. Yeah, because shoving an overrated, over-ported Street Fighter game down our throats means the best support for the Switch.

    Fuck Street Fighter II. III was always the better entry anyway.

  16. …. Nobody in Capcom just said: We have used and abused this franchise for 26 years and I don’t think we will do great but OK. FFS Street fighter 2 has 26 versions and they still believe they will sell 6.3 millions copies worldwide???!!!!!! God saves Capcom from stupidity…..

  17. This version of Street Fighter II was really unnecessary. What is keeping them from putting Ultra Street Fighter IV? That one makes a lot more sense. SFV is a PS4 console exclusive.

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