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PokeLand, A New Pokemon Mobile Game, Has Been Revealed

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Pokemon mobile games are still being released more than ever, despite previously released games, such as Pokemon GO, still receiving updates. The latest installment of Pokemon mobile titles is part of the Pokemon Rumble series, called PokeLand. PokeLand has just entered Alpha Testing in Japan on Android devices as of today, and will continue to do so until June 9th. Alpha data from the testing will remain until the game releases, after which it will be deleted.

As for the game itself, hat there are 134 Pokemon in the game, 52 stages and a Champion Tower that currently goes to 15 floors. You can also use your Nintendo Account to make your Mii appear, courtesy of the ability to move stored data between devices. As you spend diamonds, you can unlock new islands. There is a special detector than can be used once every 30 minutes to find Pokemon. PokeLand also allows you to power up your Pokémon toys with P and Gears obtained in the game. PokeLand requires an online connection to play. A few screenshots have come out, so we’ve included them in a gallery down below. Feel free to check them out.

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14 thoughts on “PokeLand, A New Pokemon Mobile Game, Has Been Revealed”

  1. Oh good. Still using the garbage quality models from all the other Rumble games, I see. Perfect. It’s not like it’s capable of anything better quality or anything.

    1. Yeah I guess I agree. I understand the general idea of making it more accessible by supporting also kinda old devices … but then again, I have had an iPhone 4 which could run Infinity Blade (and that unreal-engine-cathedral-demo) which was like … 6 years ago? And looked better? Fair to assume that it would be worth investing in better visuals so the 99% with faster devices could appreciate it and wouldn’t already be turned off by the screenshots.

      1. Then why not making a black&white 8bit game? Of course the focus isn’t on visuals and I don’t say it has to look like Uncharted 4. I’m just saying for the success they’re going for, the possible target audience, the franchise they’re dealing with, a bit more love for graphics wouldn’t hurt.
        It won’t change anyways, and for the japanese market this might be OK. Western audiences, even on mobile devices, are usually more into visuals. Which isn’t necessary a good thing, but still I guess a little shortcoming.

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  4. They’re sure not wasting any time releasing more mobile games. Wish they’d give them more variety, though, even though I understand Pokémon is a very accessible series to use.

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