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The ARMS Global Testpunch Demo Has Been Updated To 1.1.0

The ARMS Global Testpunch demo is being prepared for the coming weekend’s sessions, courtesy of an update that brings the demo to version 1.1.0. According to the official ARMS Twitter, the update adds new content that players will be able to try this weekend. Hoops and Skillshot will be available to play, and the Ramen Bowl stage has been added. However, players on Reddit have discovered that the update also fixes a bug that allowed you to play the game at any time. The update reverts the demo to its default state, so you will have to go through the training again and access to the main menu no longer exists.

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7 thoughts on “The ARMS Global Testpunch Demo Has Been Updated To 1.1.0”

      1. I actually really like it a lot. I kind of hated hd remix personally because they changed so much that it always just felt off to me. And while the hd graphics look really nice it also just didn’t feel right from a gameplay perspective. I really like being able to play online with retro graphics, the closest I’ve had to being able to do that is fightcade which uses roms, but this just feels so much better. They also increased the speed by 1.5 from ssf2 turbos speed, which makes the game feel smoother. It even makes playing in HD graphics feel better to me (but I opt for retro most of the time). Also, way of the hado is kind of fun, it feels like an arcade game. I didn’t like it at first but once I figured out you can adjust sensitivity it was a lot better. I set everything to 2 and blocking to 1. It works best for me that way. And if you actually feel like getting a sweaty workout try playing way of the hado in endless mode lol

        But yeah, I’m really enjoying it, I still feel it’s a little overpriced. Personally, I think $30 would have been the fair price.

          1. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I love the color editor as well! I used to have so much fun with that on cvs2. I love that you can take your edits online. I gave blanka (my main) a green and purple hulk theme and I made violent Ken with red skin to make him look like he is always in rage mode like a samurai showdown character lol

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