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Fire Emblem On Nintendo Switch Is Going To Look “Beautiful With Great Graphics”

A brand-new installment of Fire Emblem is in the works for Nintendo Switch. This marks the first time that a new mainline entry in the series is being developed for a Nintendo home system since 2007. Because of this, fans have high expectations for the upcoming title. Not much is known about it yet, but Nintendo’s Kenta Nakanishi recently shared a tease in regard to the game’s visuals, using words such as “beautiful” and “great graphics” to describe them. Here’s Nakanishi’s full comment:

“You may also know that [a new Fire Emblem] is also going to be released on the Switch, and that it’s going to be looking beautiful with great graphics, so we hope you will look forward to that as well.”


20 thoughts on “Fire Emblem On Nintendo Switch Is Going To Look “Beautiful With Great Graphics””

  1. i never played any of the fire emblems (though i almost bought one of the 2016 ones) at this point it seems unlikely that i will be able to buy it when it comes out (money reasons) but i really love my switch so i am somewhat interested in it

  2. Fire Emblem was not a franchise I was into during its early years. I jumped onboard during Awakening and now I am a huge fan of the series! Its up there as one of my top three favorite Nintendo IPs.

  3. I started loving it since the Ambassador program and came with Shadow Dragon I believe. I loved that game, and then i got Radiant Dawn, but game is so hard! Awakening was just awesome in all around. Beautiful story and sad (they over used that killing on Fates) .

    1. Part of the reason why Radiant Dawn is so hard is because the difficulties in the original Japanese version were “normal, hard and very hard”. In the international release, they translated the difficulties to “easy, normal and hard”. So don’t feel bad about playing “easy mode” on Radiant Dawn if that’s what’s getting you. It’s also a more difficult game in general.

  4. You know the graphics are gonna be beautiful if Nintendo themselves are telling you it will be. I hope Nintendo is taking a Persona 5 like approach in terms of art style, performance and gameplay mechanics. A Fire Emblem title taking a few elements from the amazing Persona 5 while having its own flair will set it apart from the rest of the FE games while bringing some needed freshness to this franchise loaded with a lot of potential

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  6. What I do not like is the confusion, eventually IPs should not be overused with multiple type of games. I think many people will think Warriors is Fire Emblem while the true one is an SRPG.
    They could have just used a setting similar to Fire Emblem leaving the name out of it.

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