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Fire Emblem For Nintendo Switch Will ‘Breathe Life Into Characters’

One game that many are looking forward to on the Nintendo Switch is the next entry in the Fire Emblem franchise on Nintendo’s latest platform. French site Jeux Video recently had the chance to speak with three of the game’s developers. Kenta Nakanishi, the director on Fire Emblem Echoes, briefly mentioned the Nintendo Switch version stating that it will allow for a completely different Fire Emblem and will ultimately breathe life into the franchise once it is released.

“As it was said earlier, we’re currently working on a Fire Emblem game on Nintendo Switch. With this title designed for home consoles, we should be able to offer a completely different Fire Emblem, breathing life into our characters like never before.”

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  1. First I was like “Fire Emblem? Nah…”, but then I read they are breathing life into the characters, and now I’m completely sold! Great news.

  2. I don’t know if I like the sound of “a completely different Fire Emblem”. If it’s too different, they might as well create a new IP. I want something that’s similar to Radiant Dawn.

  3. If it’s nothing like fates, they easily will get my money. Can’t stand the new direction they’re taking with this franchise.

  4. Hopefully thats the case but I’m honestly not much into the Fire emblem world. The character designs are of course of the anime style. They don’t lend themselves to much diversity or more unique and interesting character designs besides moe faces and lanky warriors. The personalities tend to be such stock anime prototypes ranging from shy girl whose as clumsy as maid cafe server to stoic cool guy.

    The world and characters in Fire Emblem always made me roll my eyes and disinterested. Lucina seemed cool but that was it for me.

    that’s the nature of the style though and I know some folks are into that but I’ve always had trouble finding any of it interesting, personally.

    1. Kind of sounds like you’re only speaking from Awakening and Fates, which piled on the stereotypes tenfold in an attempt to turn them into dating personalities. Turn back the clock a bit and you’ll gind that past games and even the newest game in the series Echoes has a stronger emphasis on characters rather than trying to pork them. The anime esque design and stereotypes are still there, and that’s never been my cup of tea, but this series tends to win me over by adding extra oomph into character personalities and backstories.

  5. Please no! I want action and gameplay in a FE game and not neverending dialogs and petting!

    1. Good characters is essentially the bedrock for this series. You’re less inclined to keep someone alive when they have no personality and are just walking swords. As for dialog, well every entry in this series so far has been text heavy. It’s a character driven strategy game much less an action game. And finally for the petting, I have a good feeling we’re never going to see that again, especially considering the guy speaking was the director of echoes, a game that throws all fan service to the side to beef up story, gameplay, and yes, the characters.

      1. The director for echoes got everything right EXCEPT for gameplay. But it’s not really a problem because anyone who knows anything about gaiden is the awful map design they really shouldn’t have kept that

  6. This confirms again what mister Fils Aime said in the E3 2015. Nintendo is gonna trasform their gameplay. Changing the formula and we already see it with Zelda.

    What can we expect from Mario, Star Fox, Metroid or the rest?

    Who knows.

      1. Trust me. Every single Nintendo work is absolutely perfect and awesome.

        Every single time I play Zelda BOTW I play for hours everysingle time for this amazing game, and it will be good for the rest. For now I want to see both Super Mario Odyssey and Sonic Forces what they do together.

  7. More focus on character development​ and less on over sexualization please.

    Echoes was a step in the right direction.

    1. You’re aware Echoes was a remake, right? To add the pairing/waifu and children mechanics would have made no sense as the game doesn’t revolve around those things like Awakening did, and even less so for Fates (the explanation for child units in Fates is admittedly laughable). It’ll be the same if other FE games like Sacred Stones get remastered.

      Going back to roots will be more reliably achieved if this truly NEW one drops the pairing mechanic, or at least the child one. One thing I hope doesn’t go away are support conversations- don’t have to result in marriage per se but they should stick around as they add to personality and background.

  8. I hope this means we can choose dialogue and have characters interact to it. I pray this comes to Fire Emblem, because if I were able to choose dialogue after Azura’s dance in Conquest. I most certainly wouldn’t have been going “Durr Hurr who was that long, blue haired singer that looks like Azura, hurr durr.”

  9. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

    I hope they keep the pairing system since it makes the Support Conversations more than just character development. In fact, it feels like a natural evolution of the Support Conversation. Of course, not every one of them needs to end in characters hooking up, getting married, & having kids. Some could be as simple as two friends feeling like siblings.

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