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Japan: Steins;Gate Elite And More Announced For Nintendo Switch

Update: It looks as though Anonymous;Code will definitely be Switch bound but Steins;Gate Elite & Robotics;Note DaSH are in production. However, platforms haven’t been determined. Thanks to those who pointed that out.

It’s becoming very clear that Japanese developers are lining up to develop for the Nintendo Switch, which is fantastic news. The latest developer to join the fray is 5pb.Games who are bringing Steins;Gate Elite, Robotics;Note DaSH, Anonymous;Code to the platform. The games have only been announced for Japan at present but hopefully they will make their way over here to the west eventually.


6 thoughts on “Japan: Steins;Gate Elite And More Announced For Nintendo Switch”

  1. It only says Anonymous;Code will aso be coming to Switch. The other announcement for Steins;Gate Elite & Robotics;Note DaSH is about it’s production, they don’t state console, at least for now.

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