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Pokémon GO Will Utilise Apple’s New Augmented Reality Technology

With Apple having an advanced augmented reality tool named ARKit in the works for IOS, several apps will be looking to utilise its features. One of the notable apps that will be making use of it is Niantic’s Pokémon GO.

The app was shown briefly during the opening presentation for this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, to give the audience a glimpse into what it might look like in the near future.

ARKit combines the pre-existing graphics and processing chips inside iPhones and iPads, with the devices motion sensors, to allow developers to create a more lifelike version of AR within their apps. For instance, it will help make the subject look as though it is on top of a surface as opposed to hovering above it.

It will be interesting to see how this develops with Pokémon GO, and it will certainly improve the over all experience for its users.




    1. Developer here.

      ARKit is a new technology created by Apple to allow development of AR apps and games a much nicer and simpler experience. And Google is not currently doing the same for Android as it is currently focusing (wrongly IMO) on VR instead, but they will most definitely create a native API for AR in the future. Just don’t expect them to ship a solution before Android P (late 2018).


  1. Serious question here: who is actually still playing this? How many are gamers & how many are just people with phones?


  2. Neat. I am planning on picking up an iPhone 8 in September. Will be fun to check this out as I haven’t played Pokemon Go yet.


  3. I thought Pokemon Go was a fantastic idea that was well implemented for the most part. They early server trouble they had I chalk up to not expecting it to be a run-away global hit. It may not be the hottest and trendiest fad anymore, but it’s a fun way to be more active and to gamify a healthy outdoor experience.


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