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Ubisoft Has Confirmed Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Ubisoft, along with special guest Shigeru Miyamoto, has announced in the company’s E3 conference that the Mario/Rabbids crossover game is real. The game has been 3 years in the making, according to Ubisoft. The game will release on August 29th on Nintendo Switch. The legendary ex-Rare composer Grant Kirkhope is creating the music behind the game so that’s bound to be good. We’ve included the announcement trailer down below, so feel free to check it out.



    1. ||Yes, now let’s keep it away from the presentation itself tomorrow…||

      1. Well Commander the game looks pretty cool. Anyway I don’t think they will show anything tomorrow because if Ubisoft talk to Nintendo for show at their E3 then tomorrow will see some other cool stuff.

            1. ||I’m putting you on the Counter-Xbot frontlines instead…||

  1. Ok i was with low hopes for this game, didn’t want to be dissapointed…
    Turns out, the game looks really fun to play and that intro presentation with the Great Shigeru Miyamoto made me smile.

  2. I still think the humor and concept are stupidly juvenile but still, this look waaaaaay more fun that I could ever expect.

    1. They pretty much announce the trailer all that’s left for this for it to be shown at the treehouse where they can explain everything about like they did last e3 with Pokémon sun and moon

  3. Anyone else feel so great when they pointed to the creative director of the game and he just looked so happy, almost crying?

  4. Worst kept secret indeed. lol We couldn’t go one week without some leak concerning this game.

    1. After watching the trailer, it looks like fun. I’ll give that Peach Rabbid a pass for taking selfies since that’s not how the real Peach is gonna be; that & it seems like something a rabbid would actually do. Speaking of, I think I’ll end up using her a lot if I do get this game. It depends on if there is a long story mode & it depends on how Nintendo plans to change up their actual paid online service. With that in mind, I most likely will not pick it up this year; unless Ninty reveals their full plans with the paid online but I doubt that. (And hopefully I’ll still be interested by next year…)

  5. A few things. Hopefully this being announced today will clear room for Nintendo’s E3 show tomorrow. Also I’m not sure how I feel about this game itself…
    Could be good. Definitely weird. But the Grant Kirkhope part is encouraging

  6. My Nintendo e3 predictions:

    Either start or end with Mario Odyssey details, it’s mostly gunna be about that and a couple of other things.

    They’ll have a little bit about Splatoon 2 since that’s on the floor and also a month away from release (I can’t wait :D).

    Maybe a tiny bit of news about Zelda, like details of the DLC for Breath of the Wild.

    Small section dedicated to Pokemon since we just had the Pokemon direct, so maybe nothing at all.

    Small section about amiibo, 1 or 2 new series’ announcements like more Zelda amiibo or amiibo cards.

    Maybe a smaller brand new game either 3DS or from a smaller IP.

    Maybe a brand new IP altogether but why bother since Splatoon is doing great and ARMS is new – also maybe ARMS amiibo (Twintelle slays).

    And finally a major new game announcement like a brand new Metroid for the Switch which is what I really want and a lot of people do since it completely missed out the Wii U era.

    Since Mario and Pokemon are already covered and Zelda is so new, Metroid, Donkey Kong or Kirby are the main IPs and they always pull out a Kirby game so this time it has to be Metroid!

    And finally also maybe a Smash Bros port to Switch!

  7. Why am I not hearing about a Switch version of the new Assassin’s Creed Origins? Don’t tell me it’s skipping Nintendo’s console AGAIN. I thought they’d finally start porting them to the Switch. Sure, I have a PS4. But I really wanted it to release on Switch.

  8. This was such a huge surprise at E3 to see two massive companies working together on an amazing looking new game combining the two well know games together for one crazy knew idea.

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