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Xbox Corporate Vice President Wishes Nintendo And The Gang A Good E3 2017

It’s nice when rival gaming companies acknowledge their competitors and that has happened once again this year. Mike Ybarra who is the Corporate Vice President of Xbox has wished Nintendo and the other companies who are holding E3 conferences good luck and says that he is looking forward to seeing their respective conferences. Nintendo’s E3 2017 Spotlight event begins at 9am P.T tomorrow and is 25 minutes in length.



      1. ||The truth cannot be denied, I acknowledge the Xbox, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see it gone from gaming altogether altogether as soon as it can be done…||

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    1. MS do have the worst library of exclusive games in my opinion, but they got alright folks over there. Ofc the Microsofts corp in itself is one of the biggest scumbags in all of corporate history, but we all got to love Spencer.

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      1. ||Unfortunately for them, they chose to work for that corrupt disease, so it’s irrelevant what they think or do at their core since they represent them, and at higher ranked positions to make it worse…||

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      1. Go play with the commander it is easy for you to beat him. But with me you have to bring more serious facts.

        Sony win 2013? how? Game of the year for Playstation was the assassins creed black flag…
        Game of the year for Xbox one was…well..the same game…wow. i can see how the Gaystation didn’t make it with an exclusive on the first year to beat a multiplatform game…really?
        While switch got games for the game of the year awards like Fucking splatoon 2, Zelda beeath of the freaking wild, ARMS, Mario oddyss, also got the fucking Monster hunter XX game from 3ds. and all this in the FIRST GOD DAMN YEAR OF LaAUNCH. now please …The facts are real. The facts are already written in the gaming history. First year for ps4 is garbage. and berely almost the second one too. While switch already got TONS of entertaining games for the 2017


    1. ||Based on what? No Sonyan weapons and always relying on others to grant them victory?…||


      1. ||It might be the best thing for the Sonyans but it’s neither for the Xbots and certainly not for us at all so no, they need more than that to win…||


    2. Lol yes I remember Sony “winning” that year. They got that trophy and everything right? Who awarded it to them again? I forget the organization that judges E3 conferences. 🤔

      By the way, I agree that Sony typically does a god job getting people hyped, but nothing they do can create the amount of fervor that Nintendo does.

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  1. I never bought a xbox and probally never will but there presentation was amazing. Game After game after game 42 in total 21 exlusives out of the top of my head. Watch and learn Nintendo , compared to this the switch will be a huge dissapointment tommorow.

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  2. Sony doesn’t need Microsoft to wish them luck. Nintendo might need it, though, if their highlights video sucks…


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