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Here’s Some New Sonic Mania & Sonic Forces Footage

Earlier today, Aaron Webber and the Sonic Mania dev team were on the Twitch E3 stream to show off Sonic Mania and plenty of new footage of Sonic Forces. In regards to Sonic Mania, this is our first look at an Eggman boss. Sonic Forces, however, is the one that stood out among the two. A lot of new information on the game was shown off, including our first look at the game’s dialogue and world map. This won’t be the last time we will be seeing Sonic at this year’s E3, as the YouTube Live @ E3 stream will have a segment on both games in roughly 4 hours from now, as of this article’s writing. We’ll relay to you any new developments from that, if there is any. For now, feel free to check out the footage of both games down below.

Source 1 / Source 2



  1. Idk about Forces. The 3D stages seem way too linear for my liking and the classic stages seem too try hard. Like when I saw that first classic boss battle. I need sonic to evolve!!


    1. Kinda? I love it. It’s perfect and it’s new. Finally a good 3D Sonic from all of these year.

      No more Sonic Boom please.


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