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Here’s A Good Look At The Mario + Rabbids Figurines

One of the least surprising announcements during the Ubisoft E3 press briefing was the heavily rumoured Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Thankfully, the game looks a lot better than many of us were previously expecting and this has fans undoubtedly excited for the game which launches in August exclusive to Nintendo Switch. To celebrate the game, Ubisoft has announced a variety of cute figurines that can be purchased for €44,99 a piece. Here’s a look at each of them!



  1. Do they even do anything? Not that I care. I won’t be buying them. I wouldn’t but them even for a much lower price. But considering how much they cost, I would expect at the least some Amiibo functionality.

    1. I was just on Nintendo Life, and their article says these do not have any functionality. But it says there are two different sizes, 3 inches and 6 inches. The 6 inch ones are the expensive ones, although they have the figures listed at 40, not 44.99. So I don’t know which is the correct price. The 3 inch ones are listed at 17 pounds (I have no idea how to do the British pound symbol on a computer).

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