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Yoshi On Nintendo Switch Was Made Using Unreal Engine 4

Yoshi is coming to the Nintendo Switch at some point next year and it looks as adorable as you would expect a brand new Yoshi game to look. Interestingly, we have found out that the game has been built using Unreal Engine 4. The news was broadcast on Twitter and just goes to show how flexible and impressive the video game engine is.



      1. Nah. And I’m aware of the games on those consoles, seeing as how I own them. There are some exceptionally great-looking games on the GC and Wii (few and far between on the latter, but they are there when devs take the time to actually make games look good). All this game has going for it is some interesting texture and lighting in places that makes it look a bit nicer, but in general, this game would look the same regardless of whether UE4 was used or not.


      2. @cronatose haha, no. Typical ignorant response when you can’t actually argue your point is to go with an ad hominem attack. I’m fairly certain you don’t know what you’re talking about and don’t have the intellectual capacity to make your point in any sort of logical manner. But I won’t hold it against you. I’m old enough to know when I’m dealing with those with a lower IQ than me.


    1. Cuz you don’t know the feeling of the game. They cannot do a realistic Yoshi game. It’s just don’t fit well m8.


      1. Well, I said that it “looks like a GC game in parts”, and considering that there IS no Yoshi game on the GC, don’t you look a bit foolish now? But go ahead and throw more baseless insults because stringing together words entailing a cohesive and intelligent opinion hurts your brain.


      1. You don’t know my identity, Ritch the dick sucking fag. Or should I call you NEUTRON WILLIAMS.


  1. The development team at Good-Feel have done an outstanding job of using Unreal Engine 4 on one of the most iconic Nintendo characters. I’ll look forward to the finalized name of Yoshi’s new and exclusive Nintendo Switch title.

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  2. … You guys have fun either disliking or liking the game. I got other greater games to look forward to on Switch than some stupid yawn game. lol


  3. Unreal Engine 4 is a demanding engine, whether the game is simple or complex, it’s still requires lots of horsepower to run it. Wii U would NEVER run UE4 let alone UR3 since it was hard to develop for.

    This is great news and really showcases UE4 in many different ways, not just to look realistic.

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      1. Unreal Engine 4 is used in PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. A modified version of UE4 is used on iOS and Android. Switch was barely powerful enough to run it. Wii U couldn’t even run CryEngine 3.

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      2. It’s not a modified version for iOS and Android. It’s the same engine but, like all engines, it’s has forks in it’s feature set and default settings for different hardware. You don’t really “run” an engine. The engine does have some base code that’s common across all games that use that engine but that’s not exactly taxing. Most of the engine consists of development tools and libraries that devs can use to make games easily.

        As for CryEngine 3, the Wii U could run CryEngine 3. Sonic Boom used it.


      3. So you’re saying that the engine can run on any console? No. The console itself needs to be able to run the engine properly so it can run the game well too. Like I previously stated whether the game is simple or complex if the console cannot run the engine, it cannot run the game that it designed for.


      4. I’m not stating it can run on a Super Nintendo or an N64 or anything but it can run on any modern hardware that the engine supports. Unreal Engine 4 was designed to scale from cell phones to PCs and its minimum was requirements are very very low. The PDF I linked you to even suggests it can run on anything that supports OpenGL ES 3 or higher. There are 57 GFLOP mobile chips dating back to the beginning of 2014 that can run UE4 games provided it’s not doing anything overly complex graphically so saying that a device is “powerful enough” to run UE4 isn’t saying much. In fact, Armature is porting UE4 to the Vita and it has a 28 GFLOP GPU that’s only OpenGL ES 2 compliant.


  4. Man, 2018? This year really IS a dead year for the Switch (for me). Aside from that Rabbids game looking interesting. But I don’t know when that will be released. I’ve been mourning for Pikmin. I heard MONTHS ago that Pikmin 4 was near complete. Well, WHERE IS IT?


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