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Here’s More Information About The Super-Fun Super Mario Odyssey

One of the most delightful games available this year will be the charming Super Mario Odyssey. Mario latest 3D sandbox adventure will be available on the Nintendo Switch on October 27th. Online gaming publication Polygon managed to catch up with game director Kenta Motokura to talk about everything Super Mario Odyssey related and there ‘s plenty of information to divulge. Check out the highlights of the conversation, below.

  • Mario’s hat serves as a weapon, a platform, a way to collect items and a tool to capture enemies
  • Hat’s throws are mapped to the Joy-Con’s motion controls, but you can also use the X and Y buttons to fling it
    Flicking your wrists once throws the hat out, but flicking them up or down will send your hat in those directions
  • Flicking both wrists also creates a spin attack, spinning the hat around Mario
  • Game will also support the Switch Pro Controller
  • Capture Bullet Bills to fly across areas inaccessible to Mario
  • Capture lightbulb-like objects to zoom to inaccessible areas of New Donk City
  • Areas like New Donk City are called Kingdoms
  • There are capturable giant binoculars that give you a better vantage point of the whole area
  • Capture a Hammer Bro and use his hammers to knock out obstacles
  • Capturing a Chain Chomp will let you break down huge obstacles
  • Capture a new, extremely stretchy-legged monster to hop to new platforms
  • Stages have a very high density of gameplay elements
  • Mario must rescue Princess Peach from Bowser yet again, but he’s taken her far outside of the Mushroom Kingdom
  • Nintendo won’t comment on how many kingdoms there are
  • You’ll see a lot of things that you’ve never seen in Mario’s world before
  • You’ll also see a lot of things that you’ve seen in our world before
  • Power Moons power Mario’s airship as he flies from Kingdom to Kingdom
  • Instead of Mario being kicked out to a main world after he finds each, he’ll keep moving ahead to new ones
  • More Power Moons than main-game collectables in games like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine
  • There aren’t any “mandatory” story moons to collect
  • You can choose to advance the story if you wish, but you can also do just a lot of exploration and just poke around

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    1. Mann I sure hope so, Just imagine it. Exploring those alien worlds and finding neat environments. that would be the perfect game to make into a sandbox. I didnt think they’d do it for mario but they did. So Im hoping metroid follows that path. I’m kind of hoping for an optional 3rd person view mode just for the sake of the visuals and taking pictures with samus included

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