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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Will Launch Worldwide At The Same Time

Kotaku have produced a rather interesting interview with Tetsuya Takahashi this week at E3 in Los Angeles. There were a number of things discussed but what caught my eye was the fact that we are looking at a simultaneous worldwide release for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch this fall. Takahashi has also confirmed that the game is currently being localised by Nintendo Europe, which explains the accents.

For Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Nintendo is aiming for a simultaneous worldwide launch. Whereas Xenoblade Chronicles X launched in Japan eight months before it came to the west, the next game in the series is slated to release in all three regions (Japan, Europe, North America) in the fall of 2017. This allows the developers to talk about potential localization issues as they make the game rather than having to deal with them post-release. “We’re really building [the game] as we’re in discussion,” said Yokota. “Whereas for the past title, the Japanese version had already been pretty much close to completion when this [localization] discussion started.”



  1. That’s kind of weird. Rex’s voice in undeniably British, but most of the voices in that trailer sounded American.

    1. Lol I can’t help but wonder if you thought the same thing I did when I read that. I hate the season being referred to as Fall. I’ve been made fun of before because I prefer to call it Autumn.

      1. I meant that originally it said holiday which means mid to late December usually, so by saying fall it means we may get this as early as late September though most likely sometime in November, this is early than Usual for which increases the hype for me.

        1. Hmm I’ve always figured that the holiday period could be considered to start as early as mid November. When the E3 trailer listed it as Holiday 2017, I just assumed it would be mid to late November.

      2. I only call it Fall because it’s shorter than Autumn, so yes. We do know they both mean the same season. (Least I do, anyway. lol)

      1. Voices in the trailer are not complete yet. they had to quickly add it in for the trailer. Everything seen in a trailer at e3 is suppose to be a this is basically how it will be. These trailers are made quickly. I hope that people will wait until the game comes out to make their critiques.

  2. I hope Rex was an actual British speaker & not what they pulled with what’s her name in Breath of the Wild with someone faking it. But considering everyone else sounded American, it could very well have been a fake British accent. :/ (Nintendo needs to fix it to where we can access the eShops of other regions without having to make another account set to that region. I want all of my purchases tied to one single account, not bloody several of them!)

    1. That would be tough to do. As I have learned, people don’t read. so you will have people buying a region they didn’t want but with it being separate, people would know what they are buying, I hope.

      1. It’d still be separate. It’ll just do like Miiverse where there is a nifty little thing at the top of the eShop that you can press to get sent to the section of Miiverse in another region while still on your current 3DS or Wii U account. I honestly don’t see how the principle could be any different. But if NoA is gonna say trying to support 3 different countries with physical rewards is too hard in spite of NoE juggling 5 countries with little issues, they’d probably say this would be too hard, too, & not even try. :/

  3. The very good news is the game will have British accent rather than US one. At the end of the day, international market prefer British accent than north American. Personally xenoblade chronicles X did badly in Europe in term of replay value due to the voice. I know a lot of people myself included would have preferred either British accent or have the possibility to get the Japanese voice over with sub.

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