Here’s More Information About Nintendo World At Universal Studios In Orlando

Nintendo fans are in for a treat with the development of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Orlando. New details have emerged about the upcoming attraction thanks to WFTV. As we already know, there will be a Mario Kart ride which is detailed in the quote below and also an awesome sounding Donkey Kong roller coaster. There will also be a number of interactive areas. Check out all the details, here.

“Channel 9 has learned through sources familiar with the project that a significant part of the kid zone will be closed.”

“Channel 9 has confirmed a Mario Kart ride will be coming to Orlando. It will be a moving track ride where guests wear augmented reality glasses to feel like they’re moving through a video game.”

“Nintendo World will also have a Donkey Kong roller coaster, plus a number of interactive areas with plans for floating coins in mid-air that will spin on a kind of magnetic system.”



  1. Now we know why that one thing had Mario Kart converted into a VR game.

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