Nintendo Admit That They Are Looking Into Virtual Reality

With the release of PlayStation VR and the Oculus Rift, VR is finally becoming a consumer product. While Nintendo hasn’t shown much interest in following the trend, their Head of Marketing and Sales has admitted that they are looking at opportunities involving virtual reality. This came out during an interview with TechCrunch. Though far from a confirmation, it is interesting to see that Nintendo is investigating this new way to game. Would you like to see Nintendo try their luck with VR? Tell us below.

“There’s obviously some VR opportunity on the floor. For us, that’s not our focus right now, but we always look at opportunities and where we can take gaming experience further. But we have nothing more to announce right now.”



      1. That could be a bad point, but knowing Nintendo and always releasing new versions of their hardware. If they go that route, they probably could release a higher definition one.

    1. Well, if Nintendo are interest on putting there games in to a VR Port, then I’m sure they have high standards for it when it comes to IPs if they have enough to make it in to a profit.

        1. For example when you see a game in VR the Latency must be very very low. If you play a game with some much latency, this will bring you some stomach ache and headache.

          1. That’s really not something Nintendo any control over right now. VR requires high resolutions so that you don’t see the pixel pattern when the screens placed against your face and high, consistent frame rates for low latencies and smooth motion.

            The Switch uses a 720p display with a refresh rate of 60 hertz. 720p is 44-25% of the resolution than even the cheapest VR solutions offer and about half the frame rate that the PSVR uses. Nintendo can’t change that about the Switch. Even if they released a version of the Switch with a 1080p display, the Switch would only be running in handheld mode where it’s resourced would be stretched waaay too thin.

            1. Well we talk now about VR when maybe Nintendo will release something in 2019 or 2020. For now it’s better they give the online services and the virtual console.

  1. And with this we know Nintendo is working on many things like:
    – Porting Wii U games on the Switch.
    – Making the Online services solid.
    – Working on the Virtual console for the Switch.
    – Making the voice chat working on smartphones.

    and now
    – Looking for VR.

    I challenge everybody to say “Nintendo is doing nothing”, I swear if you say something like this you’re a freaking idiot who needs some very good glasses to read these amazing news.

    How people hate Nintendo? And why hating them?

    1. – Porting Wii U games on the Switch. they should be making new games instead
      – Making the Online services solid. they should have had this for 5 years already
      – Working on the Virtual console for the Switch. the system should have launched with this
      – Making the voice chat working on smartphones. should have been on the system itself

      and now
      – Looking for VR.

      1. They should be making new games with ports being handled by 3rd parties.* Fixed.

      2. 1) They are working on new games. Did you see their E3?
        2) The free online services was never really solid. online services costs, and if we pay this online they will make it more stable and solid.
        3) Virtual console is not simple. Think about how much time Nintendo Developer team worked on bring this virtual console on Wii U and 3DS
        4) No I think on the phone is a cool idea, because this app will be some sort of whatsapp where you can send a message to your friends and just a with a simple message I can say to someone “Hey wanna play?”
        5) VR it’s a cool thing. Trust me I studied VR but I want to know how Nintendo is gonna put the VR on the Switch.

        1. Wrong im talking about real gamers who hate nintendo consoles. The opinions from the haters are irrelevant cause even if they have a point or even if this point is destroyed they will still hate anyway. While real games like me when this point will die they will stop the hate. cause the hate is real and Nintendo created.

        2. And the Point to hate the Nintendo consoles is because IF you buy a switch automatically is overpriced because you spend 300dollars but nintendo is telling you this is not enough. You gonna need more money for the many many more games that wont come on the switch? So …You should spend even more money to get these games and to do that you should buy a ps4.
          While when you buy a ps4 you have ANY kind of games. you have nothing to worry about you have exclusives and you have all the future games for sure something that Nintendo doesn’t have. and making the Switch not worthy main console. for people who can afford enough they will have all consoles. Yet these people are not many. The majority care to have one console that have everything and that console is not on the nintendo consoles.

          “””Nintendo consoles have a specific direction on the gaming style that doesn’t represent the most gamers in the world. Yet this is not a bad for a console to get hate but the luck of the rest missing games is a point that make the “specific art direction” look even worse for the gamers cause….it is the only direction on the console. “””

  2. By “looking into” I hope it means “Noting that it’s been a giant money pit for everyone else and staying the hell away from it.”

    It’s Nintendo though and they’ve been trying to be the VR system since the 80’s.

  3. I read that as more ‘R&D keep us informed but we’re playing the wait and see game before we put any money behind it’.

    The biggest barrier to VR for Switch is probably going to be the refresh rate more than the resolution – we all know Nintendo are design wizards, they’d work something out for that side. Sony’s solution (faux 120fps) is likely too taxing for the hardware.

    Well that and the public’s tepid response to PSVR (the affordable-ish one).

    I trust the new look Nintendo to only dive into this if they can do something compelling.

  4. In case VR by some chance takes off like a rocket, it’s smart of Nintendo to at least be experimenting with it themselves in R&D so they don’t end up behind everyone else & can actually push out a VR system that can be on par with the competition.

  5. Nintendo has been looking at if for donkey ‘s year now. It’s not new. The issue for them is to build an affordable and powerful system. The problem they facing is that if they build a powerful system in order to accommodate for the virtual reality then it won’t be affordable. They wait and see in order for the technology to be cheaper. It’s so obvious that amaze me that nobody thought about it. Nintendo may look childish for some but those guy are well ahead in term of technology don’t be fooled by their attitude.

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