Mario Kart Is Releasing On The HTC Vive At The Tokyo VR Arcade Zone

Nintendo hasn’t been bringing games to virtual reality themselves, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t showing up on VR at all. Tokyo’s brand new VR Zone, located in Shinjuku, is a VR arcade venue. There, a brand new version of Mario Kart Arcade GP is being released on the HTC Vive for their guests. Bandai Namco is developing the game, which is called Mario Kart Arcade GP VR. Players will be able to sit in custom Mario Kart seats and throw projectiles with their arms, the latter of which is courtesy of motion sensors that are strapped to the player’s wrists. Although Nintendo isn’t directly involved with the game, they have fully licensed it. There were a few images released, and we’ve included them in a gallery down below.



  1. Off topic, by why doesn’t MNN do a live feed of E3 or Nintendo Directs? Nintendo Life does, so I can watch it there, but if MNN did it, I’d watch it here.

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