Nintendo Switch

Japan: The Nintendo Switch Sells Out In Six Minutes

The Nintendo Switch was briefly in stock on the Japanese My Nintendo Store but promptly sold out in a staggering six minutes! Japanese consumers have been lapping up the Nintendo Switch since launch but the console has been hard to come by due to shortages. Presumably new stock was manufactured to coincide with the launch of ARMS but that stock seems to be drying up, and quickly. The My Nintendo Store says the console will be in stock ‘as soon as possible’.





  1. ||Yes, all will kneel before us, throw out the remaining Xbots from our homeworld and enjoy ARMS and every other weapon released…||

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  2. I’m really impressed with Nintendo for keeping up the momentum of the Switch. Can you imagine Super Mario Odyssey in its release? You probably(most likely not)won’t find a Switch for at least a month, and not even with a bundle. It’s safe to say that Nintendo is winning 2017.

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