Here’s A Look At ‘The Art Of Splatoon’ That’s Available From July 11

Amazon is now listing The Art Of Splatoon for a July 11 release date for those in the US or it’s July 13 if you’re in the UK. Polygon has a preview of a few of the English-language pages from The Art of Splatoon, courtesy of publisher Dark Horse Comics. The book is jammed back with concept art, character designs and much more spread over an impressive 320 pages. Take a peek below for a little taster. The book will cost $30.38/£28.48.




  1. I’m surprised how long it took to translate. I’ve owned the Japanese one for a long while now, and there really isn’t that much text in it at all other than in the weapons section.

    I mean I guess they wanted to time it close to Splatoon 2’s release, but I wonder if that’ll end up confusing people who think it’s the art book for Splatoon in general and not just the first game.


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