Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem Warriors – Warriors’ Awakening Trailer

To promote the upcoming release of Fire Emblem Warriors for New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch, Nintendo UK has uploaded a brand new trailer for the tactical hack and slash title. The new trailer provides confirmation that Lissa, Frederick, Robin, and Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening will feature as playable characters.



  1. I’m not mad about how they are “FOCUSING” on modern charters and the Marth cause he’s the mascot of Fire Emblem, but I will be upset if its only main characters such as the royals. I want charters like Cordelia/Caeldori or even tharja cause she’s tharja. From fates, I want Charlotte, the awakening trio (Lazlow, Odin, Selena), nyx, … Add the whitewings! Have more charters other than the main ones

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  2. Tharja is gonna end up being DLC to cash in on the Heroes ballot, isn’t she? *chuckles* Great idea with that ballot, Nintendo. Now you know which characters to hold back as DLC. It was a very shady idea but still a great idea from a corporate greed standpoint.


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