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Pokémon JP YouTube Channel Releases Strange Video Teasing 19th July

The Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel has released a strange video teasing an announcement on July 19th. Featuring clips from past Pokémon games, the video shows Giratina, Unown and a variety of the more mysterious Pokémon. There are few clues as to what this might be about, but it does specifically refer to July 19th. What do you think it could be? Tell us below.

29 thoughts on “Pokémon JP YouTube Channel Releases Strange Video Teasing 19th July”

      1. Not to mention that Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun are already 2017 titles, they won’t release another, entirely different version within the same year (and especially not within the same month).

  1. Yea this is clearly showing off Pokemon not from earth. All of them are aliens/space/time/dimension related. Clearly this is going to be a ultra sun/moon related video.

    1. ポケモンミステリーファイル – Pokemon Mystery File (literal English word-by-word)
      Sub-title below says あなたの知らないポケモンの世界 (lit. world of Pokemon that you don’t know)

  2. Nothing to do with a gen 4 re-release or remake. It’s just a show about mysteries in Pokemon…kinda like the X files but Pokemon.

    1. I’m dumb

      HGSS – Clefairies are from the moon
      ORAS – Deoxys is also from outer space
      BW2 – UFO in Pokestar Studios
      Platinum – Distortion World
      SM – Alternate reality, much like the Distortion World

      And July 19th is the day Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.

    1. A Good Tactician Has Nothing To Fear

      I looked up what it meant and “Nanikaga Okoru?” is “Something will happen?”

  3. According to the guy in charge of Serebii, this is just a Pokemon Daisuki Club video and is not anything official for the games. No game-related announcement hinted at here.

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  5. It’s most likely another dumbass pokemon spinoff game! I am so glad I quit these pokemon games, they introduced all of this weird sh!t into the series and left everyone on a damn cliffhanger for years! F!@# pokemon and the devs! by the time they give any real answers for any the questions people had those same people would literally be dead from old age by then!

  6. ok, that was exciting, why would they bring up footage of a 10 year old game, if this wasn’t part of the focus. I know this may not be gen 4 related (currently in this space and time). But sure as hell that this is teasing the time space aspect of the gen 4 generation. And I’m really sure as hell that this may be teasing the modern return of gen 4 too.

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