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US: Amazon Prime Members Can Still Get Nintendo Switch Consoles At Local Amazon Books Stores

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime and you still want to purchase a Nintendo Switch, you’re in luck. Amazon’s official video gaming Twitter account has confirmed that you can still get Switch consoles at local Amazon Books stores. However, they are warning consumers to hurry, because the stock will not last forever. We’ve included the official tweet down below. If you want to know if there’s an Amazon Books store close to you, Amazon has a list of store locations that you can check out right here.



  1. “If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, are one of the 14 people who have an Amazon Books store near them, and you still want to purchase a Nintendo Switch, you’re in luck.”


    1. I would very much like to also fix that typo in my own comment, but this is the only website’s comment system I’ve used in years that doesn’t have a functional edit button.

    2. By the way, the nearest Amazon Books is 479 miles from me, more than half the distance between the most extreme points of the UK. I live in one of the more middle areas of the US. I live in one of the handful of actually active Google Fiber cities. My city was one of the first to get Amazon Prime Now support. So I am definitely not in the middle of nowhere by any stretch of the imagination.

      You could actually count the number of Amazon Books stores in the entirety of the US with only your fingers, and the US is third largest country in the world by land mass.

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