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SEGA Gave Us Our First Look At Sonic Mania’s Special Stages

One part of Sonic Mania that wasn’t revealed yet was the Special Stages. Nobody knew if they were going to be new ones, or revamped old ones. Well, at long last, we have gotten our first look at them, courtesy of a reveal by SEGA at their San Diego Comic Con Sonic Mania panel. The stages are inspired by the SEGA Saturn and CD, where you chase down a UFO to collect a Chaos Emerald. They also announced that the game will have cutscenes similar to Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and it will have a Sonic CD-inspired opening animation that we will get to see on August 14th. As for more information on that Special Stage reveal, we’ve included all the related tweets down below.

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      1. Regular Tails and Knuckles aren’t even playable. They’ve been shoved aside (yet again) in favor of blank slate custom hero.

  1. You know, I never did like Sonic CD’s special stages, I’ve always preferred Sonic 2’s and Sonic 3’s, but eh, it’ll just have to deal with it.

  2. I love the music for these Special Stages but I detested the Special Stages in Sonic CD. I’ve completed all Special Stages in all Sonic games to dates except for yes you guessed it……Sonic CD.

    Was hoping for a revamped Sonic 3 type Special Stage tbh but this isn’t enough to cast a cloud so all is good.

    I’m sure these Stages will grow on me in time.

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