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Persona Q2 Announced For Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS will be playing host to a new entry in the Persona franchise, Persona Q2. There aren’t any details regarding the game except that it’s coming to Nintendo’s current handheld. You can check out a teaser website for the game, right here.




      1. No, its an Etrian Odyssey game with a Person skin slapped on it. if you play it you would know it requires both screens more than almost anything else on 3DS.


    1. the switch doesn’t need every game, while i admire the devotion to the system it’s got enough coming to the system already. (even if some are just ports of old games with better textures) COUGH SKYRIM!!


  1. Next year for Japan is my guess and 2019 for localization. This is exactly the type of game I was expecting to pad out the 3DS’s final years.


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