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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Heading To Nintendo 3DS eShop In November

Capcom has confirmed some good news today and that’s that Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will be landing on the Nintendo 3DS in the west this November. This means that the entire Ace Attorney series is now natively on Nintendo’s current dedicated handheld platform. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is a port of the Nintendo DS version but with higher-res art assets, toggling between English and Japanese, and faster text.

Keeping with the spirit of the original release, the game’s artwork has been updated to take advantage of more modern screens, giving Apollo and the colorful cast of characters a crisp, clean look and detailed animations. Seasoned veterans will also appreciate the option to quickly skip text – even if you haven’t read it already! You’ll also be able to choose between English and Japanese versions of the game from the main menu, which is more than a simple language switch option. As fans know, special care is always taken with the series’ localization, both in text and in the game’s art. See if you can find all the differences in the background art of this room from the Japanese version and English version, both included in this release.




  1. I really hope next they’ll bring both Ace Attorney Investigations games, so we’ll finally be able to play GK2 officially in English!

    Also, I really want The Great Ace Attorney 1 & 2 to get released outside of Japan… They’re literally the only Ace Attorney games I haven’t finished (or even played)…


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