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Nintendo Collector Sells 850 Piece Classic Collection For $20,000

An assortment of classic Nintendo games and consoles listed for sale on eBay at nearly $30,000 has now been sold. The collection, which we previously reported on, was sold within a week of being advertised online after one lucky man offered to pay $20,000 cash in hand.

The buyer, who lives in Ohio, reportedly drove a truck 400 miles to the seller’s home in Milwaukee to pick up the items. We can’t say for sure how long the journey would have taken, but a quick check for directions suggests that it would have taken approximately 14 hours to complete the return trip.

Mr. Charles Amble plans to take his wife on holiday with the money and possibly even buy them both a boat, though found it difficult to part with his beloved assortment of Nintendo goodies:

“You know man, its super sad. The past 10 years, it’s been a huge part of my life…

“It’s kind of a nerdy hobby that a lot of people my age that grew up with in the late 80s, early 90s can appreciate.”

In memory of the event and years spent finding all the memorabilia, Amble kept just one item from his mega collection – a Super Mario Bros. sign. If you’re curious about what the $20,000 would have purchased you, the spreadsheet detailing the full list of items for sale can be found online and is still available to view.


9 thoughts on “Nintendo Collector Sells 850 Piece Classic Collection For $20,000”

  1. All of that sold just because of no dedicated gaming space. I’d at least put the games in the attic, basement, shed, something. His child might share his love of gaming.

  2. According to ebay prices, I myself have well over $30,000 worth of games etc. A few years ago, I looked up each and every game I had on ebay (for the same overall condition that mine was in), and it added up to the above price (maybe more). And I couldn’t even find every game I had on ebay at the time, so I was unable to calculate some. And I probably have 1,000 more games now than I did then. Even though most of my games are casual crap.

  3. That’s so sad, especially because of how little he got in reality. I have every Zelda game released in America (except the CD-i games) in box and that alone is about $1,200 if sold individually, and that’s just a little over 30 items. :/

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