Newly Discovered Ocarina Of Time Glitch Excites Speedrun Community

A new glitch found in the original Nintendo64 version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has set the speed run community on fire. The glitch, found by YouTube gamer and Twitch streamer Exodus122, allows any item within the game to be equipped by Link. Exodus tweeted on Monday that he had managed to equip the Deku stick, usually only usable by child Link, as an adult. It was also soon confirmed that other items ignored the in-game age limitations too, and even proved to work in the original Majora’s Mask.

It’s particularly exciting for fans of Ocarina of Time as the game is almost two decades old and yet Exodus has shown the community that the game still has secrets waiting to be unlocked. There’s a lot of potential for improving speedrun times with the new glitch, although it’s not yet known if any world records have been beaten. According to the 100% completion record set last year by player ZFG at 4 hours and 15 minutes still hasn’t been beaten.

Exodus122 has discovered a number of glitches in his time playing Ocarina of Time, with many glitches shown in action on his YouTube channel. You can see his latest discovery in the video below.

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  1. Lol how do you even sign up to write articles for my Nintendo because I would love to at I can change my profile pic and all that but I would love to start writing articles and getting them out early


    1. Actually they’re just people who choose to spend their time differently than you do. I have little free time each week but I choose to use it making let’s plays. If I was to do speedrunning in that time then what’s the difference? But yes, let’s insult someone because they enjoy something that we don’t.

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      1. Let’s Plays are a lot more productive. A good source for those who might otherwise struggle with said game.

        Speedrunning is basically “exploit glitch, exploit glitch, etc, etc.”

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  2. I know the speed running community disagrees with me, but I think using glitches to speed run is not a true speed run. Technically using their rules you could find a glitch that takes you to the end credits in 10 seconds and that would be considered a speed run… what a joke. A true speed run is beating the game it was made to be played.

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    1. Even in a ‘glitchless’ run, there have to be SOME exceptions, because there are some glitches that show up in regular gameplay – minor things, like movement speed and whatever. If you ban every single glitch, there’s going to be a LOT of runs that people will call out as unfair.

      Glitchless runs, which I quite like, usually ban all of the major skips and glitches that change the core way that the game is played. Stuff like this, credits warps, level skips, out-of-bounds, etc.

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      1. I love glitchless runs, but you have to be careful with what you consider a glitch. Using an intended mechanic in unintended ways is an exploit, not a glitch (examples include damage boosting in OoT, wavedashing in Melee, pretty much everything in Super Mario 64…). Walking backwards in OoT was programmed to be faster than walking forward, so it’s not a glitch, and speedrunners are not hacking the movement speed or whatever.


      2. I understand some glitches would be acceptable. All glitches that are not “created” with the intent to skip progress should be acceptable. Otherwise it’s ridiculous. For instance, the record time for beating Ocarina of Time is 17 minutes… really? 17 minutes. You can’t call it beating the game if you didn’t have to experience a single dungeon. Instead of them calling it speed runs, they should just call it “let’s see who can find the best glitch to skip to the end of the game run”.


    2. How about they learn to play the game properly instead of usin glitches whch can potentionaly break the game and ruin the fun of the whole experience in the firt place? Fucking Speed runners are a poor excuse of a game player. Like deepsouth stated glitches are not part of a speed run . Real gamer play a game properly now doing the whole game with three hearts and dont take any damage once That would be impressive (also using no cheats) What’s that speed runners you cant do it ? And you call yourself gamers Don’t make me laugh you posers.


  3. I don’t know why everyone gets so emotional over the speedrunning community. It’s a way for some people to get a lot more joy out of their favourite games, people enjoy watching it, by pushing the games to their limits we learn a lot more about them. If you’re not interested nobody is forcing you to participate.

    With regards to glitches, glitchless categories exist in many games (and nothing is stopping anyone from running any particular game glitchless in their own time anyway) including Ocarina of Time. However glitchless can be pretty hard to quantify as everyone has to agree what is and isn’t a glitch. Therefore runs that allow glitches are more common. While 10 second credit warps as described above can and do exist, usually in a game which has one there will be a separate and more popular category banning the credits warp. A Link to the Past is a great example of this, where the fastest time possible is about 2 minutes, but this is a pretty boring run where you use a glitch to basically walk to the end, so the more popular category “No Major Glitches” (where all major glitches are clearly defined) is used and runs of this category are in the order of 90 minutes long.

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  4. A very similar glitch to this was found recently in Majora’s Mask. The egg dupe glitch basically requires the same inputs, but equips the item without taking it away from your inventory. It saves Speedrunners huge amounts of time because they only have to get one Zora egg and the hookshot from Gerudo Bay

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  5. It always amazes me that people can find glitches in a game. I can’t even imagine how time consuming it must be. I wouldn’t even know how to start looking for glitches. The spreedrunning community is truly talented and amazing.


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