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EA Is Bringing Fe To Nintendo Switch And Here’s The Trailer

EA has another game in the works for the Nintendo Switch and that’s the previously announced gorgeous looking Fe. The game is described as the following: Climb, glide and dig your way through a dark Nordic forest and explore its living, breathing ecosystem filled with secrets, side quests and mystical creatures. The game is due to arrive on Nintendo’s latest platform, the Nintendo Switch, sometime early next year and it looks as though it is shaping up to be something special. Be sure to watch the trailer, below.




  1. This time, I have no doubts that this won’t sell on the Switch!
    Switch owners tend to buy Independant games and the fact that ZOINK is behind it, I feel like this will sell really well on the Switch :)

    First Capcom giving the Switch Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 and now EA is giving the Nintendo Switch Fe instead of just Fifa! This is a good start, Nintendo! Keep them Third Parties coming :D

  2. EA now knows that cheap sells on the Nintendo Switch platform. Well, better than nothing I suppose, the game looks decent.
    Still I would like to see high budget games too on the platform, at least from other publishers.
    I will buy few indie-like games. This one if it does cost more than 20 euro: lol.

      1. This isn’t high budget and it shows.
        I’m not criticizing the game anyway, this looks decent as I said if priced accordingly it can have its fans. But that’s not what I’m expecting from my Nintendo Switch. It does look as an ok game but I generally search for great games.
        EA is just underdelivering for now, imho.

      2. @Agato
        “That’s not what I’m expecting from my Nintendo Switch”
        Then you bet on the wrong horse it seems. This game looks amazing to me, and perfectly in line with what the Switch is currently offering and is capable to output with decent performances. It’s more than OK, and while it may not be a Zelda BotW, it looks like a great game to me.

      3. I did bet on the right one, since I’ve already bought 5 games for it. And currently enjoying Splatoon 2 and ARMS.
        I will be happy to see medium/high budget games. And some charismatic low.

      1. Tetris is still a very enjoyable game, still I do prefer to venture on more complex and richer content videogames like Mario Odissey, Zelda and Splatoon.
        I would not like to spend 60$ for a game like Rocket League, also I’m more keen to a Mario Odissey than a Rocket League, definitely.

      2. I don’t think the price tells to people the game is good. I spend 10$ for Mighty Gunvolt Burst and that game is a masterpizza masterpiece to me. It really feels to play a Megaman game when I use Beck.

      3. x SP: No one said that low budget games are bad or aren’t fun. I find Mount & Blade very enjoyable, still it has very different characteristics from high budget games.
        But Gunvolt a masterpiece? Uhm…

      1. How can it ‘feel’ like AAA games is beyond me. They do feel extremely different, otherwise people would not spend 60$ for a AAA and just enjoy 20$ games.

    1. So because they chose a specific style for their fully 3D open world game, as opposed to trying to make it look realistic, you automatically assume it’s a low budget, non AAA game that’s no different than an indi game? Ignorance is bliss they say, and you must be in heaven at the moment.

      1. Ok, Jay Garvens think that Fe is an high budget game.
        Fine for me, but I think the only ignorant here it’s Jay Garvens.

  3. Nice I was interested in this game during the reveal and now that it’s announced for switch that will be my platform of choice. Hopefully they get it running well on there

  4. Glad EA gave us another chance to support them on Switch with something that’s not FIFA. I’m sure it’ll be good and fun for multiplayer but this game is more my cup of tea than FIFA. I’m more a baseball guy 😋

  5. At least it’s a 3D platformer.

    In this day and age, I welcome any 3D platformer that isn’t Bubsy 3D. Or a certain PG-21 squirrel.

  6. Ok im interested, damn my Switch list is growing by the hour it seems. Only thing I am afraid of is the general lack of time to actually going to be able to play everything :p

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