Grant Kirkhope Would Love To Work On A Zelda Game

The composer for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Grant Kirkhope, recently sat down with GamesMaster and revealed that he would love to work on a Zelda game. He mentions to the publication that his favourite game of all time is Zelda: A Link To The Past and praises the title for the fantastic music – most notably the dungeon and main themes. Check out what he had to say below:

“I’d love to get on to Zelda, I think. I’ve got to get to touch Zelda somehow. And I can’t imagine it would ever happen, but I would love to mess around with that… my favorite game of all time is Zelda: Link To The Past on the Super NES, that’s without a doubt my favorite game… the soundtrack to that is awesome. That little dungeon tune you have in there, it’s only like a 30-second loop, but you never get tired of hearing it, it’s just so fantastic. And the main theme is just the best in the world, right? It’s just like, I’d love to, that’s never going to happen, right? But Zelda would be awesome. To get to touch something like Zelda would be amazing.”



  1. I don’t think his style really fits a Zelda title, but who knows. Maybe he could adapt. He’s talented for sure. I can still hum several of his tunes from Banjo Kazooie.

  2. Having Grant Kirkhope as a composer for a Zelda game is possible. His abilities are amazing. Just think what he did for the music of Banjo Kazooie (hoping to see Banjo Kazooie and Tooie on the virtual console of the Switch).

    By the way I’m also hoping to see a new Zelda game created with Unity or Unreal, because these 2 engines are amazing.

  3. A Link to the Past does have really fucking memorable music, I give him that, is really catchy too after doing a few dungeons.

  4. I don’t have anything against the guy personnally, but having him making music on a Zelda title (or any other Nintendo-owned franchise for that matter) would be disastrous.

    The guy is confirmed adept of musical assets reuse (a recycler). His musical style is redundant and is easily recognizable from one game to the other. He’s the James Horner of video game music (the greatest recycler of motion picture music).

    When I watch footage of a game like Mario+Rabbids, it’s like watching Yooka-Laylee or Banjo Kazooie. The musical patterns and style are so alike that you can take a bet with 100% confidence that it’s the same composer without even looking it up.

    While his music is passable for a Yooka-Laylee environment, I think it seriously clashes with the spirit of a Mario title. At first I thought I had to grow accustomed to it, but as days are going I’m more convinced that it’s the wrong musical style. I’m perplexed that Nintendo didn’t voice any concerns about the music at all.

  5. I think putting this master of sounds in a room with someone the likes of Konji Kondo would be simply awesome ;)
    Love both their styles and I am sure they could work as one.

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