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Here’s The Splatoon 2 Version 1.3.0 Patch Notes

Splatoon 2 is receiving a large update today which is expected to go live at 6pm P.T in the US. Reddit user Frozenpandaman has translated the full patch notes which will bring Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch to Version 1.3.0. There’s plenty to get excited about as it’s a rather large update. Here’s the patch notes for you!

Match/battle changes:

  • Changed the performance of some Special Weapons:
    • Sting Ray
      • After shooting ink continuously for 1.5 secs, shock waves are generated and damage-dealing beam size is greatly increased
      • Default duration extended by 0.5 secs
    • Splashdown
      • Shortened the amount of time spent paused in the air (at the peak of the jump) by 1/6th of a second
      • Increased the jump height by 31%
      • Changed minimum explosion damage from 40.0 to 55.0
      • Reduced special charge points of some weapons that come with the Splashdown
    • Ink Storm
      • Expanded radius by 13%
      • Reduced the special points needed to charge on most weapons
    • Baller
      • Knockback decreased
      • Increased default endurance/stamina by 33%
      • Increased explosion radius – 17% more damage, 7% more inking
      • Changed minimum explosion damage from 30.0 to 55.0
      • Increased knockback effect against opponents on explosion
    • Ink Jet
      • Increased hitbox of player versus enemy bullets (Shooter weapons), so it will be easier to shoot down
      • Decreased explosion radius at point of impact – 17% for damage, 20% for inking
      • Decreased damage dealt by exhaust (underneath the Ink Jet) by 75%
    • Ink Armor
      • Decreased invincibility at the time when the armor is broken by 8/60 of a second
      • When receiving more than 100.0 damage at once, any excess damage will knock the Ink Armor user back (upper limit capped at 80.0)
  • Changed the performance of some Sub Weapons:
    • Sprinkler
      • Ink is released in three stages; increased the middle of these stages in duration by 5 seconds (this one was a bit difficult to translate, sorry)
      • Ink consumption decreased from 80% to 70% of the ink tank
    • Point Sensor
      • Expanded radius by 20%
      • Reduced the amount of time it took to start recovering ink after throwing it by 15/60 of a second
    • Splash Wall
      • Shortened the time between throwing and deployment by 0.5 seconds
    • Squid Beakon
      • Ink consumption decreased from 90% to 75% of the ink tank
  • Changed the performance of Main Weapons:
    • Tri-Slosher
      • Maximum damage dealt decreased from 62.0 to 52.0
      • Range shortened by 9%
  • Changed the special charge points of some weapons:
    • 210 → 200
      • .96 Gal
    • 200 → 190
      • N-ZAP ’85
    • 190 → 170
      • E-Liter 4K, E-Liter 4K Scope
    • 180 → 170
      • Sploosh-o-matic, Splash-o-matic, Aerospray RG, Splattershot Pro, Blaster, Hero Blaster Replica, L3 Nozzlenose, Splat Roller, Hero Roller Replica
    • 180 → 160
      • Carbon Roller, Goo Tuber
    • 170 → 160
      • Inkbrush, Brella, Hero Brella Replica
    • 180 → 190
      • Splat Charger, Splatterscope, Hero Charger Replica
    • 180 → 210
      • Rapid Blaster
    • 210 → 230
      • Tentatek Splattershot

Various battle fixes:

  • Auto-special gauge charge (dependent on mode/ruleset) now based on points needed (per-weapon basis) rather than consistent over an amount of time
  • Bugfixes for the following issues: Sloshing Machine hitbox/inking turf, rare Inkbrush and Octobrush incorrect hitbox on floor, Inkbrush and Octobrush and sponge interaction, damage recovery issue when touching opponents using Brella or Rollers, Roller vertical swing bug, Sting Ray ink droplet display, Ink Jet bullet interaction with corners, Brella and Ink Armor interaction, damage through/on wire meshes, Suction Bomb/surface interaction ink display on Starfish Mainstage, possible to go OOB/clip through world on Sturgeon Shipyard

Salmon Run:

  • Sting Ray, Splashdown – same changes as in battles (above)
  • Made Steelhead bombs unable to get stuck on top of Scrapper and Flyfish
  • When using the Sting Ray on Grillers and Steel Eels, fixed an issue where damage was not dealt when aiming at weak points (tentacles, or pilot/driver) through the body.
  • In Lost Outpost, fixed a problem where Steelheads would not attack in certain places
  • Fixed an issue where if, two players tried to pick up the same golden egg near the end of a wave, one of the players would become unable to pick up eggs in the following wave
  • Fixed issue where, after playing online, party members in the plaza were shown to have the Splattershot Jr. equipped
  • Fixed issue where, if a player disconnects just before starting, their weapon will be shown/stuck as the Rainmaker
  • Fixed issue where, if a player disconnects just before the end, the arrow pointing to them (indicating “self”) on the scoreboard may be seen by other players
  • Fixed issue where a communication error would occur if a player was assigned a Roller-type weapon for a long period of time


  • Changed number of points required to level up Splatfest Tee slots
    • Slot 1: 4000 → 7500
    • Slot 2: 8000 → 7500
    • Slot 3: 12000 → 7500
    • Total: 24000 → 22500
  • Fixed issue where players appearing in the plaza after Splatfest battles showed as having no shirt slots unlocked

Other changes:

  • When talking to Murch, you can now see your money and Super Sea Snail count in the corner of the screen
  • Fixed issue where ranked meters incorrectly displayed as breaking, in the case the bar was empty and there was a disconnection
  • Fixed issue where some gear, such as the Splatfest Tee, would not be displayed in the correct order while sorting by frequently used
  • Fixed damage issue with the Baller in the testing area




  1. Hmm, the fixes to the Stingray are good, but it still looks like it’s going to be the worst special in the game (even if it can go through walls, it’s still too easy to avoid and get splatted by unless you had already taken damage).


  2. This looks like a thoughtful set of changes, some quick thoughts are:
    Stingray – Good that this is getting a buff, but it doesn’t look like it will be enough unless that damage radius increase is large. More helpful would be giving the user more mobility, both for running around and for aiming the stingray itself.
    Ink Armor – Good changes, needed a nerf, is getting one.
    Ink Jet – not sure this was in such desperate need for a nerf. It was one of the better specials, but it had plenty of flaws. Will be interesting to see how it feels now.
    Tri-Slosher – Well this is the nerf the community have been begging for, and it is a doozy. Looks like the perfect nerf to me. I think the weapon will still have relevance in the metagame, but just not as centralising as before.
    Splatfest Tee – This may be overlooked, but is actually an excellent change. Before for maximum efficiency in ability harvesting you needed to play maybe 1 or 2 games to unlock one ability on your tee, then scrub it and go again. This is incredibly tedious when you’d rather be just playing matches. Now you’ll be able to play consistent matches, wait until your tee has all 3 slots full and then scrub it for maximum efficiency and minimum cost. Much better.


      1. Define lost steam and by what metric. Japan alone added over 50k new players last week. I play and enjoy it far more than the first because of better special design and overall balance. Balance patches have been timely and appropriate.


  3. Do people really think the tri slosher got nerfed badly? Just changing it to do 10 less damage hardly matters when it can still 2 shot you with incredible speed, and the 9% range loss isnt that big of a deal. They already made its special cost more the last patch and that doesnt matter because of the Special Gauge up gear.
    I really don’t get it, how is this the nerf people were asking for when you can play the weapon the exact same way

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This. It’s still a perfectly accurate two hit kill weapon with a massive spread that requires no aiming, attacks very quickly, has all the benefits of a slosher, and contains easily one of the best kits possible. A 10 point damage and 9% range nerf is nowhere near enough. It still easily outclasses every other weapon in the game in nearly every regard aside from the range of only the longest range weapons. I don’t know what Nintendo is thinking. At the very least they need to nerf the range a bit more and have the two spread shots be a three hit kill, instead of two.

      Still waiting on Octobrush and Rapid Blaster nerfs, along with slight buffs for a number of other weapons.


      1. I 100% agree with you on the Octobrush getting a nerf, but that might be my personal bias showing since ive seen nothing but silliness from that weapon whenever im against it, even at long range.
        Ive never had too much trouble with the Rapid Blaster myself but I know it has huge shot distance, so I try to stay close to them as much as possible.
        You’re screwed if the ranked gamemode is tower control or rainmaker though against a Rapid Blaster


      2. It’s not just you, a lot of people think it needs a nerf. The octobrush is a lot like the trislosh in that it kills insanely quickly, has deceptively good range, a huge area of effect, and requires virtually no skill to use. If an octobrush gets in range, you’ll be lucky to make it out alive, let alone take them down. I’ve had a number of dogfights with people as we try to out-maneuver and get the best of one another, only for an octo to pop out, swing in my general direction, and kill me instantly no effort or aim required. It’s funny to me that Nintendo nerfed rollers, then made a weapon that’s better at ambushing than rollers ever were in the first game.

        Rapid Blaster isn’t as op as the tri or octo, but it is still better than it should be. It has all the advantages of a blaster, only it also fires very quickly and has a long range, practically eliminating the disadvantage other blasters have. They’re difficult to approach, and even if you do manage to get in, due to the rate of fire, it’s much easier for them to hit you directly than with other blasters. It may be weaker than a normal blaster, but that doesn’t matter because a decent player will be able to kill you so long as you get hit with only one blast, as you’ll get stuck in the ink and they’ll immediately follow up with two more shots. As long as a player can space reasonably well, they’ll be ridiculously good with this weapon.
        And yeah, blasters in general are a nightmare on tower control.


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