The Nintendo World Championships 2017 Miami Qualifying Round Has Been Postponed

The United States has been having a very tough time dealing with weather lately, with the country still recovering from Hurricane Harvey and dealing with an outbreak of wildfires. However, the country’s weather woes are far from done. Hurricane Irma is rapidly approaching, and now it has gotten to the point that Nintendo is having to take notice. Hurricane Irma’s impacts are forecasted to be felt in Florida this weekend, when Nintendo is scheduled to hold the Miami qualifying round for the 2017 Nintendo World Championships. As a result, Nintendo has decided to postpone the round. Here’s their official statement:

Due to the serious threat posed by Hurricane Irma, Nintendo and Best Buy are postponing the Sept. 9-10 Miami qualifying round for the Nintendo World Championships 2017. We will continue to monitor the situation in Florida to determine whether a makeup event will be scheduled.




      1. Florida is estimated to get hit on 9/11. That’s a scary date, especially since something devastating and more destructive than a Nuclear Bomb is nearing.
        It’s estimated to be stronger than Katrina… They had such a great recovery from that too. :(
        Hopefully it shifts out of a direct hit.


  1. I got a day off for this.

    This sucks.

    I hope there’s a new date made. I wanted to play Odyssey. I guess now I’ll just hunker down and play Mario + Rabbids while my power is out. I’ll have to fully charge my portable battery though.


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