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Metal Slug X Coming To Nintendo Switch eShop On October 5

The ACA Neo Geo section of the Nintendo Switch eShop gains another title this week with the release of Metal Slug X on October 5. This will mark the fourth Metal Slug game on the Switch eShop and you can check out some footage of the game below. Metal Slug X is a rearranged version of Metal Slug 2 but with increased difficulty and an improvement on the slowdown experienced in the original.



    1. I have bought almost all the ACA Neo Geo-titles. Terry Bogard <3 I want those last Fatal Fury titles lile Real Bout ;_; I got my own Neo Geo AES and Neo Geo CD still. But finding games for those system are so INCREDIBLE expensive, so I'm glad they're coming out with all those titles :)

  1. This MS was the first that I played. It was on PlayStation and its one of my most favorite games on PSX.

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