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Never Stop Sneakin’ Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Another game has just been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. Never Stop Sneakin’ will be releasing on the console this Holiday 2017. The game is being created by Humble Hearts, the same team behind Dust: An Elysian Tail. The video description explains the basic premise of the game. The plot is that “Amadeus Guildenstern just traveled through time and kidnapped all the U.S. Presidents”.  Your job will be to “Infiltrate the enemy base, avoid their patrols, and hack their systems to gain valuable intel”. The announcement came with a trailer, so we’ve included that down below.


8 thoughts on “Never Stop Sneakin’ Is Coming To Nintendo Switch”

  1. Hmm, I…don’t know how to feel about this just yet. When I saw that the team behind Dust made this game I was really excited to check it out the trailer for sure, since that was such an amazing game. This…may be good. A don’t don’t a book by it’s trailer sort of thing.

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