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Sony’s Yoshida Says That The Switch Is Helping To Revitalize The Game Industry As A Whole

Sony has been all too clear about their view on the Nintendo Switch. The company has been praising Nintendo for a job well done, but Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida suggests that it’s not just because the console is selling. Yoshida feels that the Switch is “further revitalizing the industry as a whole”. This is because Nintendo is providing fun games with a different approach, something that Yoshida likes to see various companies do. Here’s what he had to say to Dualshockers about the matter:

Asked to comment on the release of the Nintendo Switch, Yoshida-san explained that it’s good to have various companies providing fun games with different approaches, because it leads to further revitalizing the industry as a whole.

He then added that actually, as the Nintendo Switch continues to sell, it appears that sales of home consoles as a whole are also growing. Thanks to that, publishers have more options to offer content, and users can enjoy a variety of games that suit their lifestyle.



  1. They’re running out of ideas, so they’re excited to have more successful Nintendo gear out on the market to copy.

  2. The Switch raising sales of all consoles? I’m not so sure. PS4 seems to just be doing business as usual (which is great) and then spikes with big new releases.

    Xbox is just off in its own world where they’re the polar opposite of Nintendo: all the third parties, just a few “exclusives,” if you can call them that.

    1. True. i laugh when i hear about xbox exclusives since i got pc and the most games getting there to. man i even read rumor somewere that halo 6 will be on Windows too and this is the only game i care about the shit Xbox library.

      And yes ps4 got business as usual because ps4 as usual got third parties support + together with exclusives. something that switch doesn’t have (yet) And i doubt it will have.

      1. Never doubt Nintendo on purpose, Thanos. The Nintendo Switch haven’t reached a year yet. Either you’re trolling or denying yourself on purpose? At this moment, the Switch is getting full third party support from Bethesda, Ubisoft, Take Two, as well as Square Enix (see Project Octopath Traveler), ATLUS, Koei Tecmo, Flyhigh Works, Bandai Namco (Pokken Tournament DX), etc.

        Nintendo is on the verge of having the Switch as the best selling platform this Holiday season. And when next year arrives, more third party titles will be coming to the hybrid system. Wolfenstein II, Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch exclusive), Octopath Traveler (Switch exclusive) and more still to come.

        Get N or get out!

        1. Switch got 4-5 3d party Soldiers that doesn’t mean Switch got the 3d party ARMY like ps4 got. Or are you implying all the next.

          Switch got Bethesda, Ubisoft and some more and still this is by far (but closer than before). not real 3d party support.
          The real 3d party support is on Ps4. You dont waiting as a gamer the developers to make announcements for your ps4 you already know you will have these games Like doom 4 or doom 5 or witcher 100 or Overwatch 50. This is how 3rd party support really is. not 5-6 games or 10 But everything

          . DiD Nintendo brainwash you so much so you dont even look this high lvl dream? and you call 3d party support Doom and wolf 2? lmao.

          And what are you talking about full ubisoft support. Where is assassins creed? Are you talking about irrelevant games? Rabbits?…( i just finish it today btw) or what else.

          You should mention rockstar too besides La noire there is a chance and rumors for Gta v too. This is Huge if this comes for real

          So no im not trolling Switch Got 3d party support from bethesda-ubi(lol)-APTUS- etc etc

          (im strangle to explain )
          And this is what exactly i mean now
          Ps4 got 3d party support. <— this is the part im talking about switch still doesn't have. "3d party support"
          Switch got 3D party support like you mention with some companies. And Ps4 and even "3rd party support" AND thats it!! No need to be mention any companies cause every big game is there locked on these console no matter what Assassins creed, Need for speed, Pro evo,Gta .and manyyy more. And to be clear i dont care for the games i mention (I care for gta tho) i care for switch to be a real console already and not a nintendrone console. Like it was the Wii and Wii u. And by nintendrone console i mean the nintendo fans who only buying nintendo games and not anything else.

          So did you get what im talking about? And by get i mean my low lvl english

          "Get N or get out"

      2. And yet it’s been selling neck and neck with the PS4 since release. This should come as no surprise though considering Nintendo is the master of dedicated portable gaming.

      3. You seem to overestimate the amount of people that have gaming rigs. Most have potatoes but still jump on the “i could play this on pc if I wanted.”

    2. Not really. Sony is actually selling less than in the past. Maybe because anyone has a PS4 by now, but clearly the Nintendo Switch is eating some of its market. At least in Japan. I don’t know US figures.

  3. I think at this point Sony is looking at Nintendo has their direct competition now. They’ve been mentioning Nintendo and the Switch an awful lot with good praises but the rumors about them paying off some 3rd parties to keep games off the Switch is kinda making me think that theyre taking Nintendo very serious.

    1. ||Once the Xbots are finished, we will deal with the Sonyans too…||

      ||Interesting enough, I’ve heard from an unknown source that the Atarians are creating a new console, those abominations should never set foot in our realm again…||

      1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

        The irony would be if Atari came back into the video gaming fold & bulldozed over EVERYONE (Sony, Nintendo, & Microsoft) as they take the top spot and regain the crown they screwed themselves out of decades ago.

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