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Fire Emblem Warriors – Quality VS Performance Mode Graphics Comparison

Review copies of Fire Emblem Warriors are already out in the wild and one YouTube channel which has managed to get hold of one is GameXplain. The team have produced another interesting video. This time they have looked at the two modes on offer in Fire Emblem Warriors. You’ve got Quality ModeΒ at 1080p and 30fps or Performance Mode which is 720p and 60fps. See how they compare in the video, below.


    1. Because it’s a game characterized by obscene numbers of character models, animations, particle effects, and AI behavior on screen at any given time all on a handheld tablet. Nothing short of sorcery or uglier textures would have this 1080p60. So they could have made the game uglier and bumped up the resolution of the “performance” mode, but the game would look worse, not better. Or depending on the bottleneck maybe they could reduce particles or simplify AI etc, but in game development, it’s always a balancing act.

  1. Damn shame this game is right around the time Mario releases, I wanted to get it but I know I probably won’t touch it the following week after Mario odyssey drops 😧

    1. Marketing…. the numbers 1080 must just be something they like to put out there. Might be some research that suggests better sales when they say that. Not sure

    1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

      They usually have an easy, normal, hard, & very hard mode in Warriors/Musou games. You get to pick the difficulty before playing on every stage in the game. Have fun doing very hard at level 1, though, as these games are tougher than you’d think on higher difficulties.

      1. Lol I’ll probably go for hard mode before I do very hard but yeah I do want to have that challenge so it should be fun failing a million times

    2. musou games are severely challenging on harder modes, all of them.
      however you’ll rarely find an individual foe giving you trouble in a one-on-one fight, losing control of the tides of battle is what gets you

      1. Yea I see where your coming from. I only ever played dragon quest warriors 1 because I’m a huge fan of dq and it’s true there were some instances where poor area management caused me a loss because I stayed focused on one area. I was just wondering since I don’t have much experience with these types of games so I’m not sure if they usually always include harder modes

  2. It’s nice how the game gives you this kind of option.
    I wish it was something Bloodborne would’ve done too a couple years back, because the framerate in that game is horrendous (despite it being a fantastic game otherwise).

    I’ll probably choose performance mode, it looks fine in 720p. 60fps is just sooo much better than 30fps. I’ll take performance over graphics. But I’ll try both.

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