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Crazy Justice For Switch Features Cross-Platform Play And Here’s A Video

Crazy Justice, the upcoming cel shaded third person shooter for the Nintendo Switch, will feature cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC. This means that you can team up with others who are playing on their chosen platform and battle. It also means that it should ensure that the stylish title has a healthy userbase online.

13 thoughts on “Crazy Justice For Switch Features Cross-Platform Play And Here’s A Video”

      1. So Microsoft and Nintendo…. Nintendo are NOT putting measures in place to protect children from a harsh online environment??
        I see that more of an insult to these companies who have been doing a fine job of protecting children online already and have now pulled resources together to only make that environment even more safe.

    1. I agree with @Crazy, Sports games are boring as fuck. Only sports game I will play is SnowBoarding (with good music) but other than tht, nope……unless these sports games are more over the top and/or fantasy (Mario, orcs, etc. kind of sports games, may or may not hav gore). Sports games are more popular bc over half of the playerbase are casual gamers, and they outnumber average gamers.

  1. You know, since Nintendo is playing ball with Microsoft with cross platform play, what if Microsoft decided to extend this and allow Cuphead on the Switch once they have online co-op going? It wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft allowed games on a portable Nintendo system. Even after buying Rare they still made games for the GBA and DS.

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