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Japan: A Sonic Forces OST Is Coming Soon

Sonic Forces releases for multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, in less than a month. However, that won’t be the only release that Sonic Forces is getting this year. It has been announced that an official soundtrack will be releasing in Japan on December 13th.  The OST will be a 3 CD soundtrack called “A Hero Will Rise” which will have 87 background songs from the game.  You will also be able to purchase a vocal tracks CD called “On the Edge”. On The Edge will have 14 songs. You will be able to find the game’s main theme, “Fist Bump”, along with Infinite’s theme, on this CD.

You will be able to purchase the soundtrack digitally and physically.  A Hero Will Rise can be purchased physically for ¥4,167, or $40/£30, and On the Edge for ¥2,222, the equivalent of $20 /£16. As for the digital version, major content providers will be releasing it simultaneously with “Sonic Forces Hi-res Collection”, a third soundtrack. This one will have 15 songs that had been recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra for the game. You will also be able to find these on “A Hero Will Rise”.

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      That would be great if they brought it over to America. But I’m just hoping they at least put the soundtrack on iTunes

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