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Full Version Of Jump Up, Superstar! From Super Mario Odyssey Up On iTunes

You can now purchase the full version of the delightful Jump Up, Super Star! from Super Mario Odyssey from iTunes. Nintendo of America has confirmed that it is available now for download. If you want it then click the link here to be taken to iTunes.

Thanks to Jackson for the tip!


    1. There are other options available to you if you want to scam the system, no doubt. But why not iTunes? It’s definitely been one of the best legitimate ways to attain music digitally that also ensures some money goes to the musicians. Not to mention, Nintendo has a good relationship with Apple, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Side note, my wife and I signed up for Apple Music a few months ago and we find it to be absolutely amazing and totally worth about the same cost as Netflix monthly. But different strokes for different folks, for sure.

    2. Fair enough. You do you, bro. I had never heard of Aloe Island Posse before you mentioned it, so I checked them out. Future funk, eh? At first I wasn’t into it, but the more I listened the more I liked it. A new genre for me to explore! I love finding new music. Not sure if you intended it, lol, but thank you for the heads up. It’s cool.

      1. Check out Yung Bae(Especially Disco Edits) He’s beast. He and Aloe works sometimes together, and check IDcheif’s crossover with Aloe Island “Midnight Cruise”. They’re free to stream on bandcamp or cheap to buy :) N-joy

  1. That photo of Pauline looks pretty legit, acutally. I love the song as well. It’s super catchy.

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