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Warner Bros Has Confirmed LEGO Dimensions Is No More

We heard last week that the LEGO Dimensions franchise was fizzling out and now the official LEGO Dimensions Twitter account has confirmed the news. Sadly, the ultimate mashup franchise is finished and they won’t be producing anymore expansion packs. You can read the full statement below.



25 thoughts on “Warner Bros Has Confirmed LEGO Dimensions Is No More”

  1. So Infinity and Dimensions are out. Haven’t heard about Skylanders in a while. Looks as though the third to last latecomer to the game, amiibos, is the only one still going on. Goes to show the power of the Nintendo brand. Not even LEGO or damn Disney could keep it up.

    1. I don’t think it has anything to do with the Nintendo brand. It’s seemingly just that the toys to life genre is entering it’s finish. (Amiibo is still carrying on due to the fans of the games most likely. Infinity could have lived on probably if not for the company getting trashed.) Even Skylanders is slowly approaching the end.

    2. Amiibo is different due to the fact they’re not tied to only one game and are used among multiple games.

      Also next year Ubisoft is joining the fray with their starship game from E3.

      1. This is what I was about to say… Nintendo still focuses on GAMES FIRST, meaning that they aren’t making games built around a gimmick, they are gimmicks built into a game that stands on its own merits without amiibo. Infinity, Skylanders, Dimensions… those games suck. They are only a vehicle to buy toys. Amiibo is something different, even if it appears to be the same at first. Breath of the Wild makes me want to buy Amiibo because the game is so good, I don’t keep playing because of the Amiibo they are just a fun addition that looks cool on my shelf. Another example of Nintendo biding their time and making the right decision with a peripheral addition to their play line up, while other companies jump the gun and think that the brand alone can move product and have staying power. Not the case

        1. The Amiibo stuff in BotW is pretty pointless to me since the in game green tunic is fine enough and is much stronger than the classic ones.

          1. You mean the hero tunic? Well, I like the amiibos and they have helped me to enhance things and get some stuff. I have fun with it, but either way, Ninteno wins :)

    3. Not a logical comparison at all. Infinity and Dimensions have their own games with toys to life. Amiibo is just DLC that works for some games. There is no actual amiibo centered game. Most people buy amiibo to collect their favorite characters, not because of what they can do.

      1. Sonyendo Commander Kalas X3 {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

        I wish I could buy amiibo solely for the purpose of collecting but sadly the ones I want are starting to have exclusive content… So if I can’t get it, I’m fucked! …fuckers……………!

  2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Good, the more that fall, the more the focus can be on exterminating the disease once and for all…||

    1. Sonyendo Commander Kalas X3 {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

      We should consider amiibo as a possible disease to exterminate if exclusive content from them starts to get out of hand, Quadraxis. amiibo does none of us any favors if it’s got exclusive content locked behind them that we can’t get because they are understocked. This isn’t about the amiibo themselves but content that we should be getting IN the game, not through some figurine. It’s okay if the amiibo unlocks stuff early in the game without having to accomplish something to unlock them but to have stuff we can’t get any other way is ridiculous. We must eliminate any threat: both domestic & foreign.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||I warned you all about the problem Amiibos would create but 95% of you bought them anyway, you are all to blame for this, just as well as those who supported the Mobile Infantry unit…||

        ||I have never bought an Amiibo or a mobile tool and never will, everything that has happened was foreseen…||

        ||The Xbots are also doomed to extinction…||

        1. Sonyendo Commander Kalas X3 {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

          Sadly, you are right. I had hope that amiibo would be a great idea & that Nintendo wouldn’t do anything to corrupt such a great idea. Damage is done, though. I’ll continue buying the ones I want & pray it doesn’t get any worse.

        2. Sonyendo Commander Kalas X3 {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

          Least I can take solace in knowing my hands are clean of the mobile crap thus far.

  3. Sonyendo Commander Kalas X3 {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

    If amiibo becomes a threat to Nintendo itself, it will follow WB’s Lego Dimensions next into the dark abyss of Oblivion.

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