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NPD: The SNES Mini Outsold All Of The Major Consoles In September 2017

The latest NPD data has been released, which covers the month of September. It turns out that Nintendo had a really good month for selling hardware units, as both the SNES Mini and Switch outsold the Xbox One and Playstation 4. The SNES Mini and Switch were #1 and #2 in September sales, respectively. However, it was not all good news for Nintendo. Although the Switch and SNES Mini outsold consoles in terms of units, Sony’s Playstation 4 generated the most revenue. NPD analyst Mat Piscatella says that this is due to the Playstation 4’s higher price.



  1. Well, it still depends how much that revenue turned out as profit, or whatever you guys call it in English. But even if Nintendo earned more per SNES compared to PS4, PS would generate income (at all) over time.

  2. Too bad whatever profit Sony makes will get wasted by that shitty Sony Pictures division. Seriously, who’s the idiot in charge of Sony Pictures that thinks a Venom movie WITHOUT the Spider-Man origin was a great idea!? I doubt even the awesome Tom Hardy will be able to save that train wreck.

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