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Nintendo Stock In The US Is Now Up 8.25%

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Following Nintendo’s strong financial results which were published today, stock in the Kyoto-based company is now up 8.25% in the United States. We heard that Nintendo Switch sales are extremely strong and are beating the company’s expectations. The company just needs to have enough units available to meet demand worldwide.

8 thoughts on “Nintendo Stock In The US Is Now Up 8.25%”

  1. That is HUGE news!!!! At this moment, it’s now at +6.99%. It’s great hear such high praise of the Nintendo Switch selling worldwide as well as the Super NES Classic Edition selling over 1 million units.

    1. Well, it’s only natural that people didn’t wanna take chances because of how horrible Pii U was. Now this will give investors a confidence boost they need to have their stake in Nintendo.

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