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Nintendo General Manager Discusses What Makes Nintendo So Magical

Dr. Bernd Fakesch, who is the general manager of Nintendo D-A-CH (Germany – Austria – Switzerland), recently participated in an interview with Wirtschaftsforum to discuss what makes Nintendo games and hardware so magical and fun. Here’s what he said:

Wirtschaftsforum: Dr. Fakesch, Nintendo is one of the pioneers of the video game console and, after several ups and owns, revolutionized the gaming market with the Wii. Now your newest product, the Nintendo Switch, has conquered the market. Can you explain the magic of Nintendo?

Dr. Bernd Fakesch: I think this magic is a combination of experience and the company’s philosophy. Nintendo has been making toys for nearly 130 years and has been on the forefront of the gaming industry since its beginning as well. Long before the Nintendo Switch and the Wii, we were setting industry standards with the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Game Boy and the games that were released for these systems – and we managed to capture the hearts of consumers. Thanks to years of experience, being able to create fun gaming moments is practically in the DNA of our hardware and software developers.

This is enhanced by our company philosophy, which puts a special focus on the player. Our developers always start with a certain gameplay concept. They evaluate what a new game or a new console needs to be capable of to ensure that it’s as fun as it can possibly be in order to make the player smile. Only then do we think about the technical details that are necessary to realize this, and which of our characters would be a good fit. This often produces unconventional and surprising results.

This is also how the Nintendo Switch was developed, the first home console that can be played on the go thanks to its integrated display, even when you’re not near a TV. The best example for the kind of unconventional thinking that’s common at Nintendo might be Super Mario though. He’s kind of an anti-hero, a blue-collar worker who’s capable, but is essentially the antithesis of the conventional superhero – but he’s nonetheless had great success for over 30 years, whether it’s with racing, sports or saving princesses. There are a whole bunch of other unique characters and franchises like The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Yoshi and Splatoon which embody this idea of fun – and this certain kind of Nintendo magic.

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  1. ||We are entropy, we are gaming…||

    ||We are Nintendo…||

    ||Resistance is futile…||

    1. Yep. They were creative enough (and fortunate enough), to make very lovable and iconic characters within inventive game mechanics. Which is why Nintendo has and will continue to stand to test of time.

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